April 7, 2014

Wednesday February 26th

I am soo tired lately. Today has been particularity tough. I can't keep my eyes open as of 7am this morning. Right about now I am so ready for a nap. I don't know if it's the weather or if it's because of poppy-seed, but this mama is pooped !

These last few days have been interesting with  my eating habits. I used to eat breakfast every morning, have a snack or two and work, have lunch, another snack, eat supper & maybe something in the evenings. Now, breakfast is not guaranteed to be eaten every morning, trying to have a muffin or granola bar as a snack doesn't go well, lunch time is finally when I have the urge to eat and supper is pretty much my last meal of the day. I guess its not a bad thing to be cutting out food I don't need, it's just kind of funny to see these little changes. I still haven't been sick and my fingers are crossed it stays this way !

Last night we were FINALLY able to tell Dallas our news ! I had ordered a few things online for him and they arrived on Monday. I had bought a pink {no we don't know what we're having} onesie that said "I heart my uncle on it" and snuck it into the bag in between the items he ordered. We had everyone over for supper last night and I gave him his bag of goodies. When he opened it, he took it out and was really confused why this onesie was inside. He looked at it, put it down, and we kept asking him "what the heck is that ?" "what is that doing in there ?" It took him a good minute to try and figure out what it meant, and finally he looked at me {while I was smiling} and realized what it was. He gave me huge, huge hugs & was totally surprised and excited. I really didn't expect that reaction from him but it was perfect ! I wanted to sneakly record his reaction, but I was too excited and forgot ! It really was a perfect response.

So now our whole immediate family knows, parents and siblings. We are waiting to tell grandparents & everyone else until we are in the safe zone. My cousins Baileys birthday is on Friday night and we may be going out to celebrate. I have to think of a good excuse to not have a drink without telling them. I hope I think of something good.

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