April 7, 2014

Wednesday February 19th {1st Doctor's Appointment}

Today we went to the doctor to confirm our little poppy seed is real and it is!

I'm 5 weeks and due October 20th ! We are so, so excited & of course, it still doesn't feel real.

We told my parents Saturday night, we told Brent, Chantel & Owen this evening after the doctor appointment, as well as Neil's parents. Everyone is so happy and excited for us. Of course we're only 5 weeks in which is too early to really be telling anyone. We're aware that there's a risk of a different outcome but we remain positive and excited and won't think otherwise.

Funny story, my aunt & her husband are pregnant & due in July. She's 10 years older then me so we're pretty close in age. Anyways, today we walk into the clinic & the first people I spot are my aunt & her husband. I literally overcame with panic and turned to Neil to say "what the heck are we going to tell them ??" Our excuse was we came in to talk to my doctor about my irregular cycles. We both see the same doctor so he knows what's going on. They were in to hear the heartbeat and we were in to confirm that we're pregnant but they can't know that. What are the chances ! We could not stop laughing and saying "are you serious ?" "like really ?!"

I'm sure they have taken a guess as to why we were BOTH there, but until it's safe to say we're sticking with our fake story.

I can't believe we are pregnant. I truly thought that we would be the couple who really wanted a baby, had a plan & could do it but weren't able to make it happen on our own. I feel so lucky and so excited. I keep using the word excited because I can't figure out what other word to describe how I'm feeling !

So we're 5 weeks in, 35 weeks to go !!

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