April 7, 2014

Wednesday April 2nd {Day after our 1st Ultrasound}

We had our first ultrasound yesterday and it was amazing !! 

We got the news I was hoping for. We saw our little itty bitty dancing and moving around like crazy and could actually see its heart beating in it's teeny, tiny chest. It was the best feeling. Total relief.

I was trying to remain positive and excited these last few weeks but I really needed this ultrasound. To see our little baby and to hear {see in this case} its heart beating. I've been following different blogs for years and have read so many times of people miscarrying. Even the pregnancy group I'm a part of {What to Expect, October 2014} have so many women posting about losing their babies recently. It's a fear I've been struggling with but yesterday that literally all went away.

I couldn't believe how much movement it was making. I expected to see a baby shape but really couldn't believe the "dancing" it was doing. It changed positions so many times during our appointment. I had this huge grin on my face the entire time and kept asking Neil "did you see that?" "can you believe it?". Our tech was so nice to us, answering all of our questions and just generally being happy for us.

We are measured at 11w2d with a heartbeat of 174bpm and it's 4.40cm big {the size of a lime is what my app says}. I was on cloud 9 when we left the appointment. So happy, so giddy and sending the ultrasound picture to everyone who knows. Today I sent an email to my co-workers letting them know our news, and slowly we're filling everyone else in.

Introducing Baby "N": the cutest thing without eyes I've ever seen !!

{only 28 weeks and 4 days left to go before he/she is here, crazy!}

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