April 6, 2014

We Have Some News...

 We're pregnant !!

We found out on Valentines Day and have been on Cloud 9 since then ! I am 12 weeks right now and overall feeling pretty good. I've been dealing with morning sickness {only once a day and its done}, fatigue & nausea in the evenings and my appetite is kind of weird. I really can't complain because I know there are women going through it much worst then me.

We are so excited and are counting down the days until October when we get to meet our baby! I've been writing and savings posts since February 14th and will probably start publishing 1 or 2 a day for the next little bit. I wanted to make sure I documented everything I was exactly feeling on those days.

It feels good to finally be able to share our news with everyone ! We let immediate family know at first, waiting a while before we filled in grandparents, uncles/aunties and close, good friends.

So here's to another BIG year for us ! Probably the biggest one of our lives !

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