April 7, 2014

Thursday March 20th {Before Prenatal Apppointment}

A month ago yesterday we went to the doctors to confirm this pregnancy by doing a pee test & telling him when my last cycle was.

Tomorrow we go for our first prenatal appointment and I am so anxious for it.

My biggest hope for tomorrows appointment is able to hear a heartbeat. I'm going to be 9w4d tomorrow so I know ultrasound wise it will show something very small {I also know I won't be getting an ultrasound tomorrow}, but I just really want to hear a heartbeat.

I've been struggling with trying to be positive and excited while also being realistic. I read a lot of blogs of women who have miscarried and I know that miscarriages are common. Unspoken of, but common. I don't want to think the worst but I'm also afraid of being heartbroken thinking that there's no chance something will be wrong. Hearing that heartbeat will put all my negative thoughts far away and the excitement will fully be allowed.

Symptoms wise I've really had nothing. Those first few weeks I was super tired, I had cramps everyday and my boobs were so sore. This past week or 2 there's barely been anything. I've been sick in the morning twice and it was nothing major. Food is still hit and miss each day, most of the time I don't feel like eating or when I think about what I want it ends up not "sounding good". I think that's why I have some doubt sometimes because I've really had none of the symptoms women are supposed to expect.

So my fingers are tightly crossed for good news tomorrow. I just want this Poppyseed to be on the right track and that we can still expect him/her to make an appearance around October 20th.

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