April 7, 2014

Monday March 3rd {7 Weeks}

This morning didn't start off the best. I experienced my first episode of morning sickness {TMI ?}. It wasn't anything major or a kill-me-now situation, but it just sucked to get out of the shower, sit on the bed for 2 minutes trying to figure out what's going to happen and then spending a bit of time on the bathroom floor. Neil, my mom & myself were reallly hoping I wouldn't have to experience this "joy" of pregnancy, but I guess it was bound to happen. My fingers are still crossed that maybe it'll only happen once in a while vs. every morning/ every day.

Time for a bit of an update !

How Far Along: 7 weeks today
Symptoms: Still cramping, I've had a bit of spotting this past week which has made me somewhat nervous but it hasn't been anything major. Boobs are feeling very heavy & sore most of the time. And I've become a little picky with food. Thinking about certain food makes me feel gross, definitely not eating like I used to.
Gender: Unknown, and we won't be finding out
Weight Gain: I've actually lost a pound or two as of lately, I think because of the change in eating habits & food preferences.
Maternity Clothes: Nope
Stretch Marks: None
Belly Button in or Out: In
Sleep: Sleep would be great if our cats quit waking us up.
Best Moment This Week: Having my Old Navy order of some baby clothes show up
Worst Moment This Week: This week has just began so I'll reference to last week. Feeling super, super tired each day. I was fighting to stay awake at work and going to bed super early.
Movement: Nope
Queasy or Sick: Unfortunately yes, dumb morning sickness...
Looking Forward To: Home time today {after I get blood work done}. Due to this mornings events, I'd rather be at home, hanging out in bed.

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