April 7, 2014

Monday March 24th {10 Weeks}

How Far Along: 10 weeks today
Symptoms: Morning sickness, fatigue and funky appetite
Gender: Unknown, and we won't be finding out
Weight Gain: I lost 6 pounds from the flu 2 weeks ago so I'm still down a few pounds since then
Maternity Clothes: My mom bought me 2 basic maternity shirts, a black and white one. I'm living in them because they're long and comfy. They also make my boobs look small which is a major bonus.
Stretch Marks: None
Belly Button in or Out: In
Sleep: I have been sleeping like crap. Going to bed early and either waking up during the night or waking up early. I ordered a Bump Nest pregnancy pillow and hope that maybe that will help. I've read really, really good things about it. I ordered the blue peacock print.
Best Moment This Week: Telling my cousin & her husband that we're expecting
Worst Moment This Week: Not getting good or enough sleep. I can't function without proper sleep.
Movement: Nope
Queasy or Sick: Yup, thanks morning sickness {very lucky it hasn't been major}. Also I will randomly feel nauseous but nothing happens.
Looking Forward To: Our first ultrasound appointment scheduled for April 1st !

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