April 7, 2014

Friday March 21st {Post Prenatal Appointment}

So I had my first prenatal complete appointment this morning and I left feeling annoyed and disappointed.

We didn't get any bad news {thank goodness} but I didn't get what I wanted. They weighed me, did a finger poke, I gave a urine sample, had my blood pressure checked and got a PAP test {TMI ?}. I asked if we could try to hear the heartbeat {I'm 9w4} and my doctor kind of shut me down right away. He said there's no way you could hear a heartbeat yet because it's in my pelvis hidden behind my uterus. I'm a part of the What to Expect app and a bunch of women have posted about hearing a heartbeat and getting an ultrasound done as early as 8 weeks. So my doctor used the Doppler because I had asked him, not because he wanted to, and we didn't hear anything.

I'm not worried about not hearing a heartbeat, I'm just annoyed that he shut me down so quickly with a request I made. I also asked when I would be getting an ultrasound and he said not until 14-16 weeks. There's no way I could wait that long and again he gave me a bit of attitude when I said that.

I left the appointment with an ultrasound booked for April 1st and my next prenatal checkup will be March 21st. I'll be 14 weeks then and we better get to hear a heartbeat. That's really all I was hoping for today and didn't get it. He says that everything is good right now, but I just need that confirmation of seeing it and/or hearing it. I understand a doctors perspective and they have their ways with what they want to do, but this is our baby and if I request something that he doesn't really agree with, I wish he would respectively give me his opinion and not shut down what I'm asking for.

I'm trying to not let this morning ruin my day but it's put me in a sour mood.


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