April 7, 2014

Friday February 14th {We're Pregnant!}

This has been an extremely memorable & probably the best Valentines Day we will ever have.

We found out that I am pregnant !!!!

I can't believe it. I don't think I will believe it until my doctors appointment on Friday February 21st.

Neil & I made supper at home tonight and afterwards I went to Pharmasave to buy some munchies and picked up a pregnancy test as well. All week I've been experiencing cramping and assumed they were PMS cramps. But I figured I might as well do a test & just confirm that it would be negative.

When the test showed that positive sign, my heart almost burst out of my chest. I felt weak in the knees looking at the test. I quickly grab a gift I have been hiding for months & ran downstairs to give it to Neil. Once he opened it, I immediately blurted out "I think I'm pregnant", tears streaming down my face & showing him the positive test.

I was crying so hard and Neil had the biggest smile on his face. I kept telling him "I don't know if I should believe it or not", "am I seeing the lines right?" "We have to go back to Pharmasave to buy more tests!"

Sure enough, the Clear Blue digital test confirmed it again "Pregnant 2-3 weeks" !

I still can't believe it. I can't believe after what I went through this week, how I felt & what I was thinking that the whole time I was pregnant. I've been waiting to experience that feeling of seeing a positive test, telling my husband & knowing that we are pregnant ! I don't think I can truly describe the feeling right now but I'll simply say I am so excited & so happy !!

And on top of it.. I'm supposed to be getting a tattoo with my mom tomorrow ! Neil & I read up on the internet that getting a tattoo done while pregnant is a big no no. SO I have to call them in the morning, fill them in on our news & try to make up an act that only mom will be getting a tattoo without telling her the real reason why. This is going to be extremely difficult. We are going to tell our families once we see the doctor next Friday, just to confirm & get more info. I hope this all works out tomorrow & there will be no problems !

So tonight, we celebrated our first Valentines Day as a married couple and while also finding out we are pregnant ! I honestly don't think we will ever top this night !!

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