April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend Re-cap

{Thursday night} My parents came to play golf in the garage and spend the night at our place. Our good friends Rod & Jo came for the evening as well and they brought surprise guests, their son, daughter in law & grandson ! I was soo excited to meet their grandson. He is the cutest, sweetest, most handsome almost 5 month old I've ever seen. We were all strangers to him and he didn't fuss once ! He laughed every time his dad would hit a golf ball which was the cutest thing ever. He hung out with everyone all evening long, such a good baby !

{Friday morning} We woke up to freezing rain/snow conditions. We had made plans to go to the lake for the day and spend the night. With the weather, I wasn't sure if my dad was going to commit to going. Neil made a really nice breakfast, we packed up and headed out. The highway was in really bad conditions but we took our time & got there safe. We spent the day outside by the fire, cutting down trees, munching, drinking, visiting, going for a walk, laying in the camper watching movies. It was completely relaxing as we were the only ones out there. It looked like a day in February with how much wind & snow there was, not like the 2nd last Saturday in April. It was really, really fun to be out at the lake and spending our first night of the season.

{Saturday} We made our way home pretty early, not much else to do out there while its cold and snowy. Neil & I had some downtime in between getting home and heading to Neils brothers for his sides Easter. B & C hosted a nice BBQ Easter meal and we got to sit back and laugh at O and all of the silly things he does. He's chatting soo much right now, not real words but 1 1/2 year old chatter. We had an early, quiet night at home just the 2 of us.

{Sunday} we met my moms family for brunch and visited at my aunts for a while. Dallas came over for the afternoon/evening. We watched Gravity, ordered pizza, the boys played video games and I hung out watching TV/playing Candy Crush. Of course we had to stay up to watch Game of Thrones. I never stay up until 10 anymore so I was definitely ready for bed once the show ended.

and finally {Monday} morning Neil & I went for the 14 week prenatal appointment. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat {eeek!!} ! He took a while to find it which was making me nervous, but finally found it. It was beating so fast ! I feel even more relief and peace with my pregnancy now that I've seen/heard our baby. Great way to start the busy week I'm going to be having !

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