April 30, 2014


I am overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed with what kind of look I want for our baby's nursery. In the beginning I feel like I knew exactly what I wanted, I had a vision. And now that vision is getting further and further away because I keep playing with and thinking of new ideas.

I will explain a few absolute decisions I've made so far

{First off} we are not finding out what we are having. We are creating a room that it going to work for a he or a she.

{#2} we are keeping the walls grey

{#3} I am not going with any characters. I am looking for prints, patterns and textures. The mobile will either be cut out circles in an ombre colour scheme or pom poms

{#4} we are getting a white crib, and already have a gray-brown dresser that we are using as the change station

{#5} we are not using crib bumpers. which means that the bedding decor will be a crib sheet and skirt only

Because we aren't using any characters as decor, I'm trying to figure out what kind of bedding I want. I can't figure out if I want calming and neutral colours with prints and patterns {greys, white, browns} OR if I want bold and fun colours with prints and patterns {green, turquoise, orange, yellow}. If I go with neutral, I can throw in colour once the baby arrives OR if I go with colourful, it should work for either boy or girl.

Neutrals make the room look calming, warm and welcoming.

Colours pops against grey walls and white furniture making the atmosphere fun, exciting & bold.

{note} I wrote the top portion of this post on April 29th. My mom & I went to Babies R Us last night and purchased the crib ! My mom & dads gift to us and the baby was them buying the crib and we are soo appreciative of that. We got the Baby Cache Thompson Crib in White. I'm so excited for Neil to assemble it and see it sitting in the room !

This morning I was browsing Etsy for a change pad cover and I came across a gorgeous gold metallic confetti pad cover. It gave me butterflies when I saw it and got me thinking.. what if we did a grey, white & gold nursery ? Add blues or pinks once baby is here. I started to search Etsy and Pinterest and found soo many ideas !! I don't want an overload of gold in the room, I'm thinking the bedding, change pad, wall art and a mobile would be a nice way to add it in. I've been so back & forth with the patterns, colours and prints I've found but I actually feel really confident & excited thinking about going this route !

Here are some of the inspirations I found:

{the crib we bought}
{the change pad cover I found on Etsy}

 {I want to try to make this but start with gray and end with gold at the bottom}




So that's my idea for today, but I'm really thinking this is the theme we're going to go with... I still have 6 months to decide.

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