April 28, 2014

A Busy Week & Weekend in Edmonton

This past week/weekend has been a whirlwind ! Everyday last week we had something going on and then went away for the weekend. Let me think back...

{Monday} We had a doctors appointment in the morning and got to hear the heartbeat. It was the typical/usual prenatal appointment, nothing else exciting.

{Tuesday} night 10 ladies and myself went to Solar Gardens for a private succulent class. It was awesome ! Mom & I had gone last year and had the best time, this time was no exception. Everyone seemed to love the class and walked away with a beautifully created succulent pot. Our plan is to go for a private class yearly !

{Wednesday} Friends of ours had us over supper. There were 3 couples, 1 child and 2 babies under 10 months old at the dinner table. Made it a fun, loud, busy supper and we really enjoyed it. It was nice to visit and chat with friends that have gone through what we're experiencing right now.

{Thursday} night I had a cut & colour. I always love getting a refresher and having some length taken off. I sort of got rid of the ombre look I've been rocking for a long time. Went dark with somewhat lighter pieces throughout/underneath. I'm really loving it {thanks Kyla !} Makes me feel brand new and not so mad when I'm doing my hair in the morning. Thursday also marks the day that my good friend Krystal delivered their baby girl Brynley Grace !! We can't wait to meet her on Wednesday !! Krystal has sent me so many adorable pictures of her that I may need to start a Brynley photo album on my phone, hey.. I'm not complaining. Love receiving sweet baby girl pictures ! ALSO, my brother bought a truck !! A very, VERY nice truck ! He's coming over for supper tonight to show it off to us and we can't wait ! I honestly went to use the bathroom on Thursday, came out & checked my phone.. Krystal had delivered Brynley and Dallas bought a truck !! I was on a high of excitement for everyone right until bed !

{Friday-Sunday} Neil & I made a quick road trip to Edmonton right after work. We spent Saturday at Ikea, South Commons and at West Ed.

Our goal of the trip was to pick up a certain dresser for the nursery at Ikea. We went through the showroom so I could show Neil & get his approval. We made our way to the warehouse to pick it up, went to the right aisle and bin and nothing was there... not one white stain Hemnes dresser... we found a customer service rep to see if they had more in the back and just didn't re-stock it. He says they are sold out and discontinuing the white stain finish... WHAT ?! seriously ?! We came to Edmonton with the purpose of buying this dresser and now we're going home empty handed ?? Those were my initial thoughts as soon as he told us. 5 minutes afterwards we decided we're still buying the dresser, but in gray-brown instead. We both agreed that we liked the gray-brown finish more and it should work with the grey walls and a white crib. Total relief that we were going home with the dresser we wanted, just a different colour.

Neil bought 2 hats and a pair of jeans for himself. I bought zero things for myself {cookies by George and a Dairy Queen ice cream cone do not count...}. We really enjoyed getting away together. Taking our time in the malls, having a delicious supper at Earls and winding down in whirlpool at the hotel.

Next up this week is more craziness, but it'll be a good craziness. It's time to start working on the nursery !! We're moving our spare bed to the basement tonight, steam cleaning the carpets and then Neil will build the dresser. Mom & I are going to Babies R Us tomorrow night to hopefully purchase a crib !! Here are some inspirations/ looks with the dresser we bought:

{gray-brown dresser + white crib}

change table inspirations:

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