March 31, 2014

Monday Afternoon {Weekend Re-cap}

This weekend was actually a really good one. We were pretty busy but yet enjoyed time at home.

{Friday} evening Neil & I went to Earls for supper. Their Fettuccine Alfredo is my absolute favvvourite dish. It's the only thing I order when we go and if I could, I would take 2 orders home every time we're there. It was nice for us to get out and have a date night {we've spent a lot of time at home recently}. I even ran into an old good dancing friend. It was so nice to see her and catch up for a quick minute. After supper we went to my brother in law & sister in laws place to check out some new wheels he bought {very nice truck C}. We had a good visit with them and then made our way home.

{Saturday} we did some cleaning/laundry/tidying up around home. My grandparents came by in the afternoon for a visit and then we went to my Aunts/cousins place for a family birthday BBQ {my cousin turned 20 on Friday. 20 ? really ?? crazy...}. We had a really nice time visiting, eating good food & desserts. Our plan was to watch an actual good, new movie once we got home but instead we ended up watching Dodgeball while I played Candy Crush and Neil read. I stayed up until almost 11pm, a record for me as of lately !

{Sunday} morning Neil had a ridiculously early playoff basketball game for 9am {unfortunately they lost} but I was happy because I had the bed to myself for a bit and slept in again {sleeping in is rare okay..}. Once he got home we headed out to do some running around. We went to Midtown to grab some shampoo/conditioner/makeup for me and stopped at Home Depot to pick up paint to make a screen on our wall.

We have a projector downstairs and the picture is projected onto our wall. Our walls downstairs are a dark grey & don't give the best image quality. And because the picture is so big we can't actually buy a proper screen that's the right size. Neil mentioned a while ago about painting "a screen" on the wall and putting black velvet tape along the edges to make a border. I wasn't crazy for the idea but finally I agreed to it. He did the project in the afternoon and it actually turned out really, really good. It brightens up the picture so much ! We just need to get the velvet tape and it'll be done. We finished our weekend off by enjoying our new "screen" watching Rio.

What I'm looking forward to this week: visiting with Krystal while we eat dessert on Thursday !

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