March 17, 2014

Monday Afternoon {Weekend Re-cap}

I haven't done one of these in a longgg time, I guess that shows how boring we are.

{Friday} night Neil went to his brothers house to hang out. Bella and I snuggled downstairs and watched PS I Love You. I was fighting to stay awake and finally went to bed at 9:30 {I know, I'm crazy on a Friday night}

{Saturday} Neil & I came into the city for a bit, grabbed some groceries & checked out Lawson Mall. When we got home, we went on a pre-spring cleaning rampage. I tackled our bedroom, getting rid of clothes that I don't wear/fit anymore and donating them. Neil worked in the basement, cleaning out our spare bedroom {which became a graveyard for wedding gift boxes}, cleaning out under the stairs {before we couldn't walk in it because so much crap was laying around} and tidying up the laundry room {we had a junk corner where everything random was put}. It felt soo good to purge & it looks so much nicer ! All of our random shoes that were sitting in garbage bags are in one huge bin, our Christmas tree boxes are further back and not sitting in the "open part" of under the stairs, and there is room to walk around the one side of the laundry room now {if I needed to, which I don't}.

I have big goals this year when it comes to cleaning/purging/taking care of the house. I'm going to put a lot of effort into cleaning each room out as spring comes along, clean our awfully dirty windows, paint trim that's peeling & much more. Fingers crossed that I keep and accomplish this goal.

Saturday night Neil had an indoor flag football game. Unfortunately the boys lost by 1 point but it was a reallly good game. My lovely husband got in a bit of a tiff with an opposing player {the guy was a jerk.. } so I had to yell at him from our seats. He gets passionate about sports and when people aren't playing fair, he gets a bit fired up. We went back to mom & dads to hangout in the garage & have drinks and the quiet visit of the 4 of us turned into a garage party with all of Dallas' buddies. Nothing like driving your slightly full husband home after he's "partying" with your 18 year old brother & his friends.

{Sunday} I met mom for some much needed shopping. Since I donated pretty much everything I had sitting in my closet & wardrobe, I needed a few things to replenish the empty space. I scored on 2 basic t-shirts, 1 bedazzled blouse, 1 aztec style vest, 1 lounge sweater and 1 casual but dressy shirt. That should do for now, but I hope to find some more spring/summer tops soon. Neil played golf with my dad & Cam, had a basketball game and was finally home after 6:30. It turned out to be a busy Sunday for us.


This weekend we are going to the lake ! The boys are going to cut down some dead trees. Can't wait to get out there and hopefully see most of the snow melted away !

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