February 13, 2014

Give Me The Long Weekend

 {my dad celebrating on the golf course at the lake. ahh, the lake}

So after my meltdown on Monday {my previous post can give you insight into that}, the week has taken its time ending.

Yesterday it was cold, windy & snowy. Downright depressing for a Wednesday. We were supposed to come into the city to have supper at Neils parents but the weather cancelled those plans. It wasn't a straight on blizzard of course, but wind + snow on the highway is just not fun to deal with. I also didn't dress appropriately yesterday {open flats, light jacket} so I was frozen for most of the day.

I am looking forward to this weekend. Tonight I will go to the gym/ my Zumba class, tomorrow is Valentines and the hubs & I are going for supper {we're homebodies 98% of the time so yes, we're going out for supper on Valentines Day} and the rest of the weekend has good things in store {I'll wait until Tuesday to share}.

I can use a little excitement in my life right now & look forward to a Family Day long weekend. It is going to be spent with family, hopefully some sleeping in & some fun plans.

TGIT {thank god it's Thursday}

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