February 19, 2014

Family Day Long Weekend Re-cap

{Thursday Feb 13th} Neil & I had made plans to go into the city to get some shampoo/conditioner for me & then grab some supper. Little did I know that he had actually made other plans and took for me for a surprise 1 hour massage followed by a late evening supper at Earls. What a sweet husband I have ! I've wanted a massage soo bad for a while now and it was wonderful. Having a late supper in itself was a treat. We never, ever eat later then 5pm so it was kind of cool to have a few drinks & a delicious meal around 8pm.

{Valentines Day} was spent at work. Because we had celebrated Valentines the night before, we just made a really nice supper & hung out at home. It worked out good because Neil wasn't feeling very good and I had no urge to head into the city that night.

{Saturday Feb 15th} I went to pick up my mom & take her for her first tattoo !! I was supposed to get one as well but there was a booking error and he only had time for one {I'll be going sometime in April}. It looks soo good ! It's definitely bigger than what she & I had anticipated, but he designed it so beautifully that it couldn't be scaled down so she went for it ! It really is gorgeous & I think I have a pretty cool mom for getting such a big piece of ink for her first one.

Afterwards we went to Hudsons for lunch, did some bumming around & then I made my way back home. Neil was having a boys afternoon golfing in the garage with Craig & Brad. Any chance he gets to use his golf sim with friends, he takes it. That evening he had a football game & we went to mom & dads afterward for drinks.

{Sunday Feb 16th} We had plans to go to the lake that day but the weather was not cooperating in the morning. Neil had gone to a 10:30am basketball game and by the time he got home the weather had cleared up a bit so we all decided to go. It was soo nice to get out there, roast some hot dogs, eat some munchies, have a fire. It's become a Family Day tradition to go to the lake it's always fun. We are so excited and so ready for the lake season to arrive. Only... 3 months left ?

That night Neil got asked to sub in for indoor slo-pitch for a 9:30pm game. He hasn't played ball since summer but it was nice to visit with everyone and watch the game. By Monday, he was a little tuckered out from all the sports he attended.

And finally {Monday Feb 17th} was a chill day at home for Neil and a run around day for me. Went shopping, got groceries, cleaned, did laundry. All the necessary things that need to be done on the Monday of a long weekend. It really was a really busy but great weekend. Special memories were made and an extra day away from work... no complaints !

And to make today a good day, my Lepow Moonstone showed up. My iPhone battery sucks. I've been too many situations of the battery being on the "it's going to die right away" line and I'm tired ot it. So this little baby will be kept fully charged & in my purse in case of any future emergency chargers. Can't wait to use it & it's so cute !

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