February 25, 2014

A "Tired" Tuesday Rant

I am tired of winter.

I am tired of living in Saskatchewan during this winter season.

I am tired of having static hair every time I put on or take off my winter jacket.

I am tired of wearing a winter jacket.

I am tired of it being so cold that we have to sleep with 2 huge blankets.

I am tired of it being so cold that the thought of leaving the house makes me miserable.

I am tired of checking the weather forecast and the temperature with the windchill is minus 30 - 40 something.

I am tired of driving to work in the dark {it is starting to get a little light out, but not much}.

I never thought I would say this, but I am tired of wearing sweaters every.single.day to stay warm.

I am tired and so done with winter. I need the lake season to begin.

This post was brought to you by the b*tchiness I'm feeling in regards to winter.

February 19, 2014

Family Day Long Weekend Re-cap

{Thursday Feb 13th} Neil & I had made plans to go into the city to get some shampoo/conditioner for me & then grab some supper. Little did I know that he had actually made other plans and took for me for a surprise 1 hour massage followed by a late evening supper at Earls. What a sweet husband I have ! I've wanted a massage soo bad for a while now and it was wonderful. Having a late supper in itself was a treat. We never, ever eat later then 5pm so it was kind of cool to have a few drinks & a delicious meal around 8pm.

{Valentines Day} was spent at work. Because we had celebrated Valentines the night before, we just made a really nice supper & hung out at home. It worked out good because Neil wasn't feeling very good and I had no urge to head into the city that night.

{Saturday Feb 15th} I went to pick up my mom & take her for her first tattoo !! I was supposed to get one as well but there was a booking error and he only had time for one {I'll be going sometime in April}. It looks soo good ! It's definitely bigger than what she & I had anticipated, but he designed it so beautifully that it couldn't be scaled down so she went for it ! It really is gorgeous & I think I have a pretty cool mom for getting such a big piece of ink for her first one.

Afterwards we went to Hudsons for lunch, did some bumming around & then I made my way back home. Neil was having a boys afternoon golfing in the garage with Craig & Brad. Any chance he gets to use his golf sim with friends, he takes it. That evening he had a football game & we went to mom & dads afterward for drinks.

{Sunday Feb 16th} We had plans to go to the lake that day but the weather was not cooperating in the morning. Neil had gone to a 10:30am basketball game and by the time he got home the weather had cleared up a bit so we all decided to go. It was soo nice to get out there, roast some hot dogs, eat some munchies, have a fire. It's become a Family Day tradition to go to the lake it's always fun. We are so excited and so ready for the lake season to arrive. Only... 3 months left ?

That night Neil got asked to sub in for indoor slo-pitch for a 9:30pm game. He hasn't played ball since summer but it was nice to visit with everyone and watch the game. By Monday, he was a little tuckered out from all the sports he attended.

And finally {Monday Feb 17th} was a chill day at home for Neil and a run around day for me. Went shopping, got groceries, cleaned, did laundry. All the necessary things that need to be done on the Monday of a long weekend. It really was a really busy but great weekend. Special memories were made and an extra day away from work... no complaints !

And to make today a good day, my Lepow Moonstone showed up. My iPhone battery sucks. I've been too many situations of the battery being on the "it's going to die right away" line and I'm tired ot it. So this little baby will be kept fully charged & in my purse in case of any future emergency chargers. Can't wait to use it & it's so cute !

February 14, 2014

Why We Work

We work because he knows I'm not a morning person so we don't "talk" in the mornings, but he always gives me a kiss and a "love you" goodbye.

We work because he knows I like junky reality tv and I don't mind that he's a gamer.

We work because we both love to escape to the lake every chance we get during the summer.

We work because he knows I'm a picky eater and I know he will eat anything {he has extra love for chipolte and mushrooms... and hot wings, and pizza... the list goes on}.

We work because when I want something crazy, I'll end up going through with it but he talks some sense into me and we come to an agreement.

We work because we never, ever bring up past problems. We deal with it and move on.

We work because when I'm quiet from being mad or upset, he gives me time and then comes to talk to me about it.

We work because we have the same ideas, same goals or same result 99% of the time.

We work because he mows the lawn or snow blows while I vacuum and do the laundry.

We work because we both love country music {especially Zac Brown Band}

We work because when I couldn't handle him being on the road, he changed jobs to keep our relationship. I will always be so grateful for that.

We work because when I'm being a complete goofball, he always laughs at me.

We work because we were made for each other. We honestly rarely fight, we enjoy hanging out at home with our 2 kitties, we love each others families and we are always supportive of each other.

Happy 1st married Valentines to my forever valentine, my husband & best friend, love you !

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February 13, 2014

Give Me The Long Weekend

 {my dad celebrating on the golf course at the lake. ahh, the lake}

So after my meltdown on Monday {my previous post can give you insight into that}, the week has taken its time ending.

Yesterday it was cold, windy & snowy. Downright depressing for a Wednesday. We were supposed to come into the city to have supper at Neils parents but the weather cancelled those plans. It wasn't a straight on blizzard of course, but wind + snow on the highway is just not fun to deal with. I also didn't dress appropriately yesterday {open flats, light jacket} so I was frozen for most of the day.

I am looking forward to this weekend. Tonight I will go to the gym/ my Zumba class, tomorrow is Valentines and the hubs & I are going for supper {we're homebodies 98% of the time so yes, we're going out for supper on Valentines Day} and the rest of the weekend has good things in store {I'll wait until Tuesday to share}.

I can use a little excitement in my life right now & look forward to a Family Day long weekend. It is going to be spent with family, hopefully some sleeping in & some fun plans.

TGIT {thank god it's Thursday}

February 10, 2014

Needed to Release

I had a breakdown today.

The type of breakdown that had me sitting at my desk, crying and not being able to control it.

I had a bad weekend. I felt very irritated, tired, angry, moody, annoyed. Everything that doesn't feel great. I snapped at my husband for no reason, I got mad at people in the mall just because they were walking, I nit-picked everything. I was just a general b*tch.

This morning as I sat at my desk I realized how awful I was and couldn't help but cry. Trying to talk to someone on the phone while tears ran down my face isn't easy. So I asked if I could go home.

I think everything I've been feeling and keeping inside lately had to release and it came through tears. I have a great life, I do. I have a wonderful husband who I love very, very much. I have a family who I always have fun with, who is always there for me & I get to see all the time. I have a job that I like, a roof over my head, money in our bank account, 2 cats that keep me entertained. What is there to be sad about ?

I'm sad because my body isn't making sense to me right now. I have a goal on my mind and I just can't make it happen. For the past 6 months, I've been thinking about it, trying to make it happen and it isn't. It's too early to really talk to or see someone about it, which doesn't make it easier. It's too early to feel so defeated but it's hard not to. It's too early is what everyone says, but when I've been thinking about it constantly for the past 6 months, it doesn't feel "too early" for me.

I want to be positive, I want to feel like when it will happen is when it's meant to happen, I don't want to worry or stress about the unknown or the uncontrollable. But it is so f*cking hard. I can admit I'm not a patient person. I can admit that when I want something, it gets done and that's that. So this past little while has just felt tough.

I just want my body to figure itself out and get into a regular schedule. To feel that everything is going to be okay and work out. To experience the excitement I'm waiting for. And to not feel so down about it all. I don't want to feel like a grouchy, mean, short tempered person. I want to feel happy, good & positive again.

February 5, 2014

What I've Been Up To Wednesday

This cold Saskatchewan weather is making me tired and grumpy. I'm the type of person who likes to feel cool and comfortable 90% of the time, but this disgusting weather has made me feel cold to the bone for far too long. I keep dreaming of the Mexican sun. The heat beaming down on my bronzed skin, the water feeling so warm when I need to cool off, and a yummy Mango Vallarta drink in my travel mug... ahh, if only I was back in Mexico.

Life has been pretty uneventful lately. Last weekend we went for steak special supper on Friday with mom & dad and golfed {of course}. Saturday I stuck around home for pretty much all day while Neil & my dad were out and about. Cleaned like crazy, did laundry.. you know, the exciting stuff. Saturday night Neil had a football game {which they won, woo} and Sunday was spent literally doing nothing but catching up on Nashville episodes.

On Monday night after work I went for a Shiastu Massage. I had been recommended it by a friend who's going through a similar situation as me and I thought I would give it a try. The best way to describe the treatment is it's acupuncture without the needles. You lay on the floor and she works on pressure points, massages & moves certain areas of your body. It was very, very relaxing and I was quite surprised at the end when she explained to me what she felt during the treatment. I kind of wanted to cry right then and there because what she was telling me was somewhat accurate. I hope to go back for another treatment or two and also have a BioMechanics Posture Correction treatment done as well.

This was my first experience with a "holistic, spiritual" treatment and I have to admit I was very impressed with it. I really appreciated the fact that she talked to me before and after the treatment and made me feel very comfortable opening up to her. She understands my frustrations and wants to help me clear my negative emotions and fill them with positivity. Over the last couple of years I've noticed that I have a lot of dark & stressful emotions inside of me, so I look forward to hopefully working with her more and making myself a better person.

I've also decided to start attending Zumba classes on Mondays & Thursdays and I'm going to work out in the gym on those days for 45mins before class. On Sundays & Tuesdays, Neil & I are going to do yoga at home. I think this is going to be really good for me to build up good energy while also finding balance and peace. I'm feeling very excited to make these changes and they seem easy enough for me to stick with.

And finally, our house decor update is pretty close to being done ! I am waiting on a table runner I ordered from Etsy to really finish off the dining room. I will have to do a post to show off our updated space.

{this is my favourite thing to look at while we have supper, I am soo happy with how it turned out !}