January 28, 2014

Weekend Re-cap & Day 1 of Change

We had a very good & busy weekend. Friday night was spent playing a few rounds of golf in the garage.

Saturday we hung around home for the day. The Walkers came over for a visit in the afternoon, we went to my parents for supper & then to Neil & Dallas' football game. They won ! After football we went back to mom & dads to have drinks + eat pizza in the garage. It's been a longgg time since we've hung out at their place.

Sunday was spent home decor shopping. I found lots of goodies! Superstore, Michaels, Pier 1 Imports, Home Outfitters, Home Sense all had something for me. I'm really happy with the pieces I bought so far. It's really changing the mood/ feel of our house & even Neil likes what I've bought {bonus} !

{the accent cabinet is still a work in progress + that metal "N" is going to be hung on a wall}
{rug for the kitchen}
{shower curtain + super soft bathmat for the bathroom}
{waiting for the table runner to arrive to complete this look}
{bought a wood tray at Michaels + painted it gold}

By Sunday night we were both a little wiped. Neil had played 27 holes of golf, had a football game Saturday night + a basketball game Sunday afternoon. He was walking around like an old man. And for myself, shopping was exhausting. Going to all these places, having lunch, picking + choosing what would work is very tiring ;) It was a great weekend.

And finally, today is day 1 of change. Time to start losing some weight and getting healthier. I've joined Weight Watchers online and I'm determined to stick with it. If I want to start a family, I need to take care of myself first and this is how I'm going to do it. I'm not planning on writing about meals or if I've lost OR gained any weight. I'm just stating today is day 1 of change for me and I am ready to do it. I'm not saying "I hope I can do it, I hope it works", I am saying I am doing it and it is going to work.

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