January 15, 2014

From Sand to Snow

On Sunday I woke up to the humid air of Mexico & the sound of waves from the ocean. On Sunday night I arrived back home surrounded by snow & darkness. It's depressing.

We {mom, dad, Neil & I} spent a fantastic week in Mexico! When we woke up on January 5th and the temperature was disgustingly cold {felt like -52 w/ the windchill}. We carefully drove to mom & dads that morning & headed for the airport at 6:30am.

We arrived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 3 hours late and headed straight for our resort. Once we got to there we were greeted with a delicious cold drink, a cold towel & were taken to our rooms. It didn't take long for us to switch into shorts & sandals and enjoy our first cervaza of many. Because of the delay leaving home we only had a short time to check out resort before the sun went down.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday were spent in the sun & in the pool. Our goal was to come back home as dark as possible and mom & I did a pretty good job of achieving that goal. Every morning we would get up and go for breakfast, eat, hang out in the pool until lunch, eat, head back to the pool until supper, eat & watch the entertainment in the evening. That was our routine for the week and it was perfect.

On Wednesday we ventured into Puerto Vallarta to check out the market along the boardwalk. We also got to meet up with our dear lake friends Gilbert & Merial at the Cheeky Monkey. It was the best visit! We had delicious drinks & food and had the most amazing backdrop to look at. It was a really fun afternoon in town.

We would go for walks along the beach, check out the main pool, witness a few weddings and just relax throughout the week. I have never experienced a vacation where you literally get to do nothing. It felt so refreshing to get up in the morning, hang out in the sun and pool and go with the flow of things. These past 2.5 years have been so, so busy for us! This vacation was really needed & enjoyed. It also gave us the bug to try to get away every 2 years at least. Can't wait to start planning our next trip!

We really did have a great vacation. Had fun together, shared lots of laughs, made lots of memories, drank way too much, ate delicious food and saw lots of new things. We both have nothing but good things to say about it!Thanks mom & dad for letting us "crash" your trip & mom, I hope you had the best **th birthday! xo

Now... how many more days before the snow is gone??

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