January 16, 2014

A Kittie Miracle

Last night something happened.. for the first time EVER in 4 years.

Our cats, Bella & Izzie were sleeping side by side in the same space!! It made this cat mama's heart melt!

We got Bella in May 2010 while we were living in our first apartment and we got Izzie in July 2011 after moving into our first house. Bella was not happy with us when we brought Izzie home. I remember telling Neil that we made a mistake getting a second cat and Bella was going to hate us forever. It took a good amount of weeks before Bella got use to the idea that this little furball was going to be a permanent tenant in the house.

Since then, everything has been all good with these two. They play together, they keep each other company when we're away but they're not the type of cats to ever cuddle together. They'll sleep beside each other in separate beds but that's as close as it gets.

But that changed last night when Bella was happily sleeping on the fleece green blanket and Izzie came over to make herself comfortable right beside Bella. They were even touching and stayed sleeping that way for a while! I was in shock & awe that our two loved little fur-balls were sleeping side by side. It was a totally family moment as we hung out downstairs.

And yes.. I get excited about our 2 kitties when they're being cute & lovey. I can't help it, we don't have a baby.... yet.

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