December 13, 2013

11 Days Until Christmas

Most people will say it's 12 days until Christmas {day} but we celebrate Christmas Eve, so it is 11 days until Christmas.

We are pretty much done shopping. I have 1 or 2 gifts left to buy & wrap. Usually I am done Christmas shopping before the end of November, this year just didn't happen that way.

We are un-patiently waiting for an item we ordered last friday... a projector for the basement! Neil has talked about getting a projector for a long, long time. Thankfully Costco had a 12 days deal for one last week & we ordered it! They say 4-10 business days for shipping which is killing us. I can't wait to set it up & watch movies, football games & my favourite shows on it! It'll be our own personal theatre in the comfort of our home.

This weather is killing my mood. I go to work in the dark, I come home and its close to dark and in between its just so cold. Winter is so depressing. Going for walks in the evening isn't possible without freezing or tripping over snow & ice. Lake season is still so far away. Driving into the city isn't fun because the highways are blowing snow & are slightly slippery. And this cold snap we are having is just putting both Neil & I in sour, grumpy moods. The predicted forecast for Sunday is -5. It's going to feel like a tropical vacation if it warms up that much.

Tonight we have my work Christmas party. Pool, food & drinks is the plan for the evening. The rest of the weekend is pretty free. I'm thinking of avoiding shopping & tackle some organizing projects around home. It's another good reason to have the house lit & Christmas music playing in the background. Maybe if Neils lucky, I'll even bake.

11 days until Christmas! {eve)

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