December 30, 2013

Christmas Re-cap

I have to really think back & try to remember what we all did this past Christmas season! It was one of the busier ones we've had in a while, but we told ourselves that it's only once a year.

{Saturday December 21st} We had the 1st family Christmas out of 5. We spent the day hanging out at our house with my parents watching movies on our new projector {which is still very awesome}. In the evening we went to my Aunts to celebrate with my moms side of the family. We did a Chinese gift exchange this year and it was pretty funny to see what people got and who stole.

{Christmas Eve} Neil had to work and I took the day off. We went to my parents place in the afternoon to spend Christmas Eve with them. Opened presents, had supper, mom & I drove around {and sort of got lost} looking at Christmas lights before Church. It's kind of crazy how little there is of houses decorated with lights. We started to pay attention to how the inside was decorated instead of the outside. I love spending Christmas Eve with my family, there's always a lot of laughs, a lot of surprises with gifts. It's so nice to hang out & eat a delicious supper that mom prepared.

{Christmas Day} Neil & I had woken up waaay too early that morning & decided to stay in bed a little longer once we fell back asleep. Once we got up we opened a few gifts, made a really nice breakfast & hung out downstairs in our PJs until noon. It was so relaxing! That afternoon we went to Neils parents place to spend Christmas day with his family. Our nephew made Christmas Day extra fun this year! He did laps around the house for most of the time, he loved to bang on presents & play with the toys he got. He is such a joy to watch!

{Thursday December 26th/ Friday December 27th} I had gone boxing day shopping with mom. She basically purchased the mall {lots of good deals!} & I got a few things for Mexico, a journal for Neil & a new sweater. I wasn't totally in the shopping mood that day so by the time we left I was done with the crowds. Friday I had off and Neil was working. I got so much done! I grocery shopped at 3 different places, returned some lululemon items, had laundry going, copied all the information from our 2013 calendar to the 2014 one, did dishes, cleaned. It was the perfect day to catch up on everything I needed to do.

{Saturday December 28th & Sunday December 29th} We had our 4th Christmas in North Battleford with my dads side of the family. It's been a long time since we've been able to attend this sides Christmas & it was so much fun! We got to see Matt & Baileys wedding pictures {LOVE!}, we played Telestrations {funniest game to play} & my mom dropped her phone in water.. I felt so, so bad for her but thankfully for Kijiji we were able to purchase a new one for way cheaper then buying brand new.

And finally Sunday was our 5th and last family Christmas to attend. We made our way to Humboldt to celebrate with Neils moms side of the family. Grandma wanted to host a big family Christmas & it fell on Neils late grandpas birthday. The house was FULL of people. Grandma, her kids, her grand-kids and her great-grand kids were there. It was really nice to cuddle a new baby, play with some of the little ones, visit with cousins, uncles & aunties.

Like I said, it was a busy one! But it was great to visit with so much family, enjoy lots of food & get a few goodies of course!

December 13, 2013

11 Days Until Christmas

Most people will say it's 12 days until Christmas {day} but we celebrate Christmas Eve, so it is 11 days until Christmas.

We are pretty much done shopping. I have 1 or 2 gifts left to buy & wrap. Usually I am done Christmas shopping before the end of November, this year just didn't happen that way.

We are un-patiently waiting for an item we ordered last friday... a projector for the basement! Neil has talked about getting a projector for a long, long time. Thankfully Costco had a 12 days deal for one last week & we ordered it! They say 4-10 business days for shipping which is killing us. I can't wait to set it up & watch movies, football games & my favourite shows on it! It'll be our own personal theatre in the comfort of our home.

This weather is killing my mood. I go to work in the dark, I come home and its close to dark and in between its just so cold. Winter is so depressing. Going for walks in the evening isn't possible without freezing or tripping over snow & ice. Lake season is still so far away. Driving into the city isn't fun because the highways are blowing snow & are slightly slippery. And this cold snap we are having is just putting both Neil & I in sour, grumpy moods. The predicted forecast for Sunday is -5. It's going to feel like a tropical vacation if it warms up that much.

Tonight we have my work Christmas party. Pool, food & drinks is the plan for the evening. The rest of the weekend is pretty free. I'm thinking of avoiding shopping & tackle some organizing projects around home. It's another good reason to have the house lit & Christmas music playing in the background. Maybe if Neils lucky, I'll even bake.

11 days until Christmas! {eve)

December 2, 2013

December is Here!

It's been awhile, oops.

December is here and as I texted my cousin this morning, I think December is defined as busy. Either busy with work, busy with Christmas shopping, busy with Christmas decorating, busy with cleaning... anyways, you get the idea. I don't think I'm going to mind the busyness because October and November was fairly quiet for us.

This past weekend was a good one!

{Friday} Night mom & I checked out the Sundog Arts & Entertainment Faire. We've gone together the past few years & we always have a good time. It was crazy, crazy busy and congested. We still enjoyed checking out our favourite booths as well as some new ones. I think next year we should make a plan to go Sunday morning. I'm thinking it'll be much quieter and enjoyable.

{Saturday} Morning started off a bit panicked. We had a plan to leave our place around noon for the day but we ended up sleeping in until 10:15am! Meaning I had to shower and get ready as fast as possible, Neil had to finish wrapping a gift, I had to switch laundry over because I had it going over night, make sure the cats were fed, etc. We did it all in time of course.

We spent the afternoon at my brother in law/sister in laws place to celebrate Owen's first birthday! Chantel did such a great job with the party and Owen was in the best mood! He was chatting up a storm with his cousins & walking around for long periods of time. He was such a blast to watch & it was great way to spend the afternoon. After the party we went to my parents for supper & then to the Huskie's hockey game to watch Camden play in the intermission. For 5 years old he's a very good skater. It was really fun to watch him play and visit with Jay & Krystal.

{Sunday} I met mom at the mall and we accomlished our goal, to find her a black pair of boots! She had no luck finding 1 pair the previous weekend she went and yesterday she had over 4 pairs to choose from. She was so excited once she decided on the pair she liked. I love a good shopping date with my mom. The rest of the day was spent decorating for Christmas! The trees are up, the end tables & floating shelves have Christmas goodies and the lights outside have been plugged in! Between the Christmas tree at work, our main tree downstairs and small tree upstairs at home, I was pretty much done dealing with branches & lights as of 5pm yesterday.

Tonight we're going to put the lights on our shrubs outside, re-do the small trees lights upstairs & whatever else is left to do!

'Tis the season for all things Christmas & fun