November 4, 2013

Wedding Weekend

It's official! Mr. & Mrs. Petrow tied the knot on Saturday! Thankfully this disgusting, winter weather stayed away until yesterday!

{Friday} evening we met everyone at the church for rehearsal & headed to the German Cultural Centre for supper & setup. Neil & I stayed the weekend at my parents to avoid driving back & forth into the city which helped out a lot.

{Saturday} I woke up with lots of butterflies and a lack of appetite, I was so excited for Bailey & the day! The boys made their way to Golf Town for a big sale & mom dropped me off at the salon for hair & makeup. Being an early freak has its perks because I was the first one at the salon & first one finished so I was able to hang out & enjoy the morning. We left the salon around 11 to head back to Bailey's place to get ready.

Us girls had lunch, took a few pictures, toasted with champagne & started to get ready. It was so exciting to see Bailey step into her wedding dress. She looked princess perfect, a gorgeous bride. We were treated with a limo ride to the church & then it was time for the wedding to begin! The ceremony was beautiful. I had never attended a Ukrainian Orthodox wedding but it was the best one I've ever been to {it was my cousins after all} & once it was done, it was time to party!

I was so happy & honoured to be a part of Matt & Bailey's day. Bailey & I grew up together, she's always been that person I looked up to and who was and still is always there for me. It meant the world to me to have her by my side at our wedding and I was just as excited to be by her side on Saturday. I'm just so happy that they've found each other, that they love each other as much as they do & that they are married now!! Thank you both again, love you both so much & I'm jealous you've escaped winter today!!

Love you both, Congratulations again!! xo

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