October 29, 2013

Our Weekend

What a busy but great weekend!

{Friday} I got to meet up with Krystal for a pedicure. It was so nice to relax and catch up. I honestly didn't really pay attention to the service that was getting done because we were so busy talking! My toes felt and looked great afterwards {thanks again Krys!}. Afterwards I made my way to mom & dads to pick up Neil/ have a quick visit with them.

 {my hubby surprised me with UGG slippers just because! thanks love}

{Saturday} We made a stop at Home Depot to pick up a few things and made our way to mom & dads for lunch/the day. We surprised dad with a chop saw as a thank you gift for building a trailer for us. He was totally surprised and actually cried more receiving the saw then he did the day of our wedding. We are so thankful that he built it for us and his reaction was priceless. Mom & I left the boys to work on trucks and we went to do some running around. Paid for Mexico, stopped in at Dutch Growers, went to Michaels, Old Navy & Superstore and finally returned back around 4pm. It was time to make supper & watch the game! A disappointing loss but a fun time with the fam. I wasn't feeling the best so we unfortunately didn't make it to the ball wind up planned for that night.

{our gorgeous trailer that dad built}

{Sunday} It was a cold, cold, windy day... {boo} but we got to visit Chantel & Owen which made everything better. We even got to see him in his Halloween costume {I'll post some pics on Thursday, don't want to spoil the surprise}. He was such a happy, funny little boy! Laughing sporadically at himself, taking a few steps from the ottoman to the couch, carrying his new Tin Tin we bought him. He's at such a fun age to play with and to make him laugh is the best. It was a really fun visit with him. The rest of the day was us hanging out at home, relaxing downstairs & watching as many Scandal episodes as I could.

 {Izzie enjoying our lazy Sunday afternoon}

 This coming weekend is a big one! Matt & Bailey are getting married on Saturday!!! I can't WAIT! I've had butterflies all day yesterday thinking about it. I'm so incredibly happy and excited to be a part of their special day and see these two tie the knot. 4 more sleeps M & B!!!

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