October 21, 2013

Monday Morning {Weekend Re-cap}

I hate Winter. I hate when fall starts to turn into winter. The little, tiny bit of snow that made an appearance this weekend makes me sad. Don't get me wrong, I love the opportunity to wear sweaters and boots but I hate driving when the weather starts to turn bad & when your bones are frozen because its so cold out. Right now the weather is leading us to winter. Plus, it's 9:05am and the sun is no where to be seen. Depressing.

Anyways, why do weekends have to be so short? I would loveee to work a Tuesday - Friday! How awesome would that be, 3 day weekends. Oh well, that's why we look forward to long weekends.

{Friday} Night we made our way to my parents. My brother just brought home his brand new sled so we had to go check it out & have a few drinks of course. Poor guy was sick, sick, sick & wasn't quite in the celebratory mood. He's worked so hard to save up for this sled and I am soo proud of him! Our lake friends Rod & Jo came over for a visit! It was just like a Friday night at the lake.

{Saturday} We headed out of town to celebrate my papa's 75th birthday {his actual birthday is in November, just had a party this weekend}. All of the family got together and hosted a come & go event at a hall for all his friends in town.  He always talks about his curling or coffee buddies, so it was fun to see/meet all of these people. My papa may be turning 75, but he has the heart and soul of a 60 year old. Nothing slows him down and he's actually known for his "Cs". He curls, he has coffee with friends, he guards at the cop shop when they need him, he works part time at the car wash and he can cross stitch a picture like nobody business. Like I said, he's turning 75 going on 60. It was great to see him enjoy the day! We ended the evening back at our place playing the golf simulator in the garage. If you can't be at the lake, might as well golf at home.

{Sunday} Neil had a very early basketball game and I unfortunately couldn't fall back asleep once he left. So I went downstairs, turned on the fireplace, grabbed a comfy blanket & watched Will & Grace. Neil even brought home Tim Hortons for breakfast. It was the best, chilled, stayed in your pjs kind of Sunday morning. In the afternoon I went on a shopping spree & found tons of good deals at Old Navy and a few things at the mall. I never, ever, EVER come home with bags full of goodies {5 sweaters, 2 tees and 1 top}. I will enjoy the cool weather this week because it means I will get to wear my new things!

{I had to give mom a fashion show via texts, these are a few sweaters I got}

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