October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy 1st Halloween Owen!

Uncle & Auntie think you are the cutest pirate we've ever seen & we hope you have an arrrrrr-some first Halloween!

October 29, 2013

Our Weekend

What a busy but great weekend!

{Friday} I got to meet up with Krystal for a pedicure. It was so nice to relax and catch up. I honestly didn't really pay attention to the service that was getting done because we were so busy talking! My toes felt and looked great afterwards {thanks again Krys!}. Afterwards I made my way to mom & dads to pick up Neil/ have a quick visit with them.

 {my hubby surprised me with UGG slippers just because! thanks love}

{Saturday} We made a stop at Home Depot to pick up a few things and made our way to mom & dads for lunch/the day. We surprised dad with a chop saw as a thank you gift for building a trailer for us. He was totally surprised and actually cried more receiving the saw then he did the day of our wedding. We are so thankful that he built it for us and his reaction was priceless. Mom & I left the boys to work on trucks and we went to do some running around. Paid for Mexico, stopped in at Dutch Growers, went to Michaels, Old Navy & Superstore and finally returned back around 4pm. It was time to make supper & watch the game! A disappointing loss but a fun time with the fam. I wasn't feeling the best so we unfortunately didn't make it to the ball wind up planned for that night.

{our gorgeous trailer that dad built}

{Sunday} It was a cold, cold, windy day... {boo} but we got to visit Chantel & Owen which made everything better. We even got to see him in his Halloween costume {I'll post some pics on Thursday, don't want to spoil the surprise}. He was such a happy, funny little boy! Laughing sporadically at himself, taking a few steps from the ottoman to the couch, carrying his new Tin Tin we bought him. He's at such a fun age to play with and to make him laugh is the best. It was a really fun visit with him. The rest of the day was us hanging out at home, relaxing downstairs & watching as many Scandal episodes as I could.

 {Izzie enjoying our lazy Sunday afternoon}

 This coming weekend is a big one! Matt & Bailey are getting married on Saturday!!! I can't WAIT! I've had butterflies all day yesterday thinking about it. I'm so incredibly happy and excited to be a part of their special day and see these two tie the knot. 4 more sleeps M & B!!!

October 21, 2013

Monday Morning {Weekend Re-cap}

I hate Winter. I hate when fall starts to turn into winter. The little, tiny bit of snow that made an appearance this weekend makes me sad. Don't get me wrong, I love the opportunity to wear sweaters and boots but I hate driving when the weather starts to turn bad & when your bones are frozen because its so cold out. Right now the weather is leading us to winter. Plus, it's 9:05am and the sun is no where to be seen. Depressing.

Anyways, why do weekends have to be so short? I would loveee to work a Tuesday - Friday! How awesome would that be, 3 day weekends. Oh well, that's why we look forward to long weekends.

{Friday} Night we made our way to my parents. My brother just brought home his brand new sled so we had to go check it out & have a few drinks of course. Poor guy was sick, sick, sick & wasn't quite in the celebratory mood. He's worked so hard to save up for this sled and I am soo proud of him! Our lake friends Rod & Jo came over for a visit! It was just like a Friday night at the lake.

{Saturday} We headed out of town to celebrate my papa's 75th birthday {his actual birthday is in November, just had a party this weekend}. All of the family got together and hosted a come & go event at a hall for all his friends in town.  He always talks about his curling or coffee buddies, so it was fun to see/meet all of these people. My papa may be turning 75, but he has the heart and soul of a 60 year old. Nothing slows him down and he's actually known for his "Cs". He curls, he has coffee with friends, he guards at the cop shop when they need him, he works part time at the car wash and he can cross stitch a picture like nobody business. Like I said, he's turning 75 going on 60. It was great to see him enjoy the day! We ended the evening back at our place playing the golf simulator in the garage. If you can't be at the lake, might as well golf at home.

{Sunday} Neil had a very early basketball game and I unfortunately couldn't fall back asleep once he left. So I went downstairs, turned on the fireplace, grabbed a comfy blanket & watched Will & Grace. Neil even brought home Tim Hortons for breakfast. It was the best, chilled, stayed in your pjs kind of Sunday morning. In the afternoon I went on a shopping spree & found tons of good deals at Old Navy and a few things at the mall. I never, ever, EVER come home with bags full of goodies {5 sweaters, 2 tees and 1 top}. I will enjoy the cool weather this week because it means I will get to wear my new things!

{I had to give mom a fashion show via texts, these are a few sweaters I got}

October 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

What a great long weekend we had! Lots of sleeping in, time with family, time just at home to relax and hangout. Love those kind of weekends.

{Friday} Night Neil & I went to a Blades Game as a date night. It's been a while since we've gone & we received free tickets from my boss. Blades won, 2-1!

{Saturday} Was spent at my mom and dads. It was just the 5 of us for the day & it was so much fun! Mom & I did some running around, we all watched the Rider game, had supper & hung out for the evening. Lots of laughs, lots of good food & dessert. It was one of the best Thanksgiving we've had!

{Sunday} Was a free day for us. I went out and picked up some Bath & Body Works goodies, got some groceries, picked up some makeup & then headed home for the afternoon. My brother came over for the day & stayed the night, my mom came over for the evening & Brad came over to play the golf sim with Neil. It was just a nice day to do whatever we needed to do & hang out around home.

{Monday} We had brunch at Neils parents place and afterwards I got to go shopping with my sister in law & nephew. What a performer he is while sitting in his car seat & heading out. He was such a good sport while we were at the mall for a bit. He was ready for a nap & just hung out with us until it was time to go. I've really enjoyed spending so much time with them lately! It's crazy to see how fast he's growing & the personality he's developing.

I have so much to be thankful for. I really am truly lucky. I am so thankful for being married to a funny, loving, helpful wonderful man & I get to spend each day with. I am so thankful for the relationship with my parents & brother. I so enjoy spending time with them, having fun & laughing with them every time. I am thankful for my job & the company I work for, not a lot of people get this lucky. I am just very, very thankful for everything in my life.

I didn't snap very many photos this weekend, but I always have my camera near by when Bella is being cute.

October 11, 2013

What I've Been Up To

What have I {or we} been up to lately?

Things aren't in crazy mode yet. Every weekend after this there's something going on. Last Saturday N & I had a run around day. We had an appointment Saturday for immunization shots. We are planning on going away in January so it was time to update our shots. We had quite a few funny situations with the nurse, but over all it went good. Unfortunately our arms were sore alll week. Such a pain when you wake up in the morning stiff & sore. It's finally feeling better.

{Sunday} I got to hang out with my sister in law & nephew! We went to the Zoo & grabbed lunch afterwards. It was a lot of fun to see what kind of animals we have here. I haven't been there in years & I actually didn't know what our Zoo had. I think I had more fun then O did. Always enjoying hanging out with those two!

The rest of the week included supper with N's side of the family, cleaning up around home, getting my hair done {thank god, it was about time} & looking forward to the long weekend!

Now the next few weekends should make it a busy/interesting month:

{Thanksgiving Weekend - Oct 12th}
{Papa's Birthday Party - Oct 19th}
{Ball Windup/ Potluck - Oct 26th}
{Matt & Bailey's Wedding! - Nov 2nd}

are the things I'm looking forward to!

Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy eating lots of good things!

October 2, 2013

Midweek Confessions

I confess that I have worn leggings & boots 3 times this week to work {yes that makes it everyday this week & yes, they were 3 separate clean pairs of leggings}. My favourite, favourite outfits are leggings, boots, oversized sweaters & loose tees. Dressy enough for work yet cozy & comfy to wear all day. Love the fall clouds & coolness.

I confess that my sister in law & nephew surprising me with a visit yesterday at work WAS THE BEST! I get so excited when I get the chance to see our nephew {and he's our godson}. He just melts my heart in so many ways & I am so lucky to be his auntie!

I confess that I am so ready to sleep in Saturday morning. I don't know why but I've been sleeping like garage lately & it's driving me crazy! I'm not the type of person who operates well on little sleep. And as far as I know we only have 1 appointment Saturday afternoon so I really have no need to rush in the morning, bonus.

I confess that I like to shop online. If I tend to be "bored" I always seem to find something that would be perfect to use, or wear, or have right now BUT, we have made a commitment to keep our credit cards clean so I find something I want to buy, add it to my shopping bag, and then I close the link. It's sad I know, but if I can't actually buy it, I want to see what it would cost if I did.

I leave with some cute pictures of Bella napping on our deck Sunday afternoon, what a goof.

Happy Hump Day!