September 30, 2013

Monday Morning {Weekend Re-cap}

It was a good weekend!

{Friday} We went to my parents for a sleepover. I had an appointment for command start to be installed {yay, so excited!} Saturday morning & Neil wanted to get together with my parents for drinks on Friday night so instead of us driving Friday night to their place, go home, drive back into the city Saturday morning we decided to spend the night! Friday nights in the garage are never a bust... that is until dad sneaks away shortly after 9 and goes to bed. Mom, Neil & I stayed up & goofed around for a bit but an early bedtime was fine with all of us.

{Saturday} Morning we were all up waaay too early but we had things to do. The boys went golfing & the girls went bumming around. After we dropped off the Equinox mom & I went to check out the Farmers Market. We've talked about it over & over about checking it out & never getting around to it but we finally had the right opportunity to go. What a neat place! All the vegetables look fake because they are so shiny & perfect, there were tons of baked goods sitting waiting to be bought, and a few tables of creative arts. The coolness in the air but sun shining made it so nice to wander around. Definitely will have to go back again soon {and take some photos b/c I forgot to}.

We made our way around the city doing some shopping & laughing until the Equinox was ready to pickup. It's never, ever a dull or boring time with mom... and I love it.

We also got to visit our lovely little nephew! We were able to visit for quite a while which was a super big treat! We even got to take him for a walk just Neil & I in his fancy, dancy backpack. He is just growing way too fast for our liking! It was so fun to walk with him and make him laugh or make sounds. He is such a doll.

The rest of the weekend was nice & chill. Lazied around watching the Rider game {don't want to talk about it}, catching up on shows, and the boys {Neil & my brother} played video games/ watching a movie.

I love the fall weather & being able to wear oversized sweaters, leggings + boots, and cuddling up under a blanket in the evening while the windows are open and candles are burning. Heaven!

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