September 23, 2013

Monday Morning {Weekend Re-cap}

It looks like my favoured days for blogging are on Mondays and Friday. Monday are recaps and Fridays are looking forward to the weekend. Oh well, that's when I've got something to say!

{Saturday} Morning we were woken by our lovely Bella crying her bloody eyes out to go outside at 5:55am. Damn cat doesn't understand that there's a reason our door is closed & we're not awake yet... She lives to be outside that furball. She dies to be outside the moment we get home from any where's & she needs to be outside at the crack of dawn. It's exhausting & frustrating at times, but we love her. We finally "got up" around 9 & quickly got ready to head to my parents place & go for a round of golf.

At the end of the "lake golf season" we treat ourselves by going to a nicer golf course. This was our first time at Wildwood Golf Course & it was okay. Unfortunately I had a super crappy game, it was pretty windy for golf & we were stuck behind some sloooow movers which put all 4 of us in a funk. We made it fun by being goofs & laughing at each other. Never a dull moment in our family. It took us about 4 hours & I was POOPED by the end of it!

Supper was at mom & dads {beef on a bun, delish!} and we got to stop by Neils brothers place & see our sweet little nephew! He is just a doll, cutest boy in the world & he's growing so much! He's standing up on his own {for a bit}, crawling every wheres, banging & playing with toys & he's got the cutest collection of teeth! Love that little boy so much!

And we ended our Saturday night with the Zac Brown Band Concert! Oh.. my.. god, it was a freaking amazing show! ZBB is Neil's favourite band & we actually bought the tickets while we were at Lake Louise on our honeymoon. It was important that we got the best seats possible & didn't miss out on it! We were on the floor (row 20, behind the mosh pit area}. It was such a intense show! They sounded great, they are so into the instruments they play, high-high energy from the band & even with the concert attenders. Can't say enough great things about them! Neil had a few drinks {which he never does at a concert}, left without a voice & a huge smile on his face. So much fun!

{Sunday} Was a nice lazy day. The overcast sky & coolness just made it a cozy day. Went into the city to grab a few things {desperately needed to buy some shampoo/conditioner} & came back home to watch the Rider game. Yet again, it was a close one but we just couldn't finish it. We still have faith in you Riders! A turnaround would be great anytime now boys! And of course, I had to tune into the Emmy's. I had a few laughs at certain parts, but otherwise I just like to watch for the dresses.

Nothing really exciting going on this week. Grocery shopping, Equinox appointment, basketball practice. I guess there's one exciting thing to look forward to, command start is getting put in on Saturday! Ahh that'll be nice come winter time.

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