September 16, 2013

Monday Morning {Weekend Re-cap}

What a great September weekend we had!

{Friday} After I got home from work, I seriously felt like I had been hit by a truck. I was so tired from the week & was so excited to be at home and do nothing. I spent the evening catching up on a few shows & then heading to bed verrry early.

{Saturday} Neil & I made plans to have a day date & enjoy going downtown. He was called into work for about 45mins but once he made it home, we made our way to the city. First stop was my brothers work for a Customer Appreciation BBQ. It was nice to sit outside & have lunch with D {for free}. Afterwards we made our way to Broadway to check out a few shops & grab Crave cupcakes. It was such a gorgeous Saturday that we decided to make our way down to the river, find a spot on the grass & eat our delicious cupcakes. The river was our go to place when we first started dating. Walks in the evening or on the weekends, whenever we wanted to get out of our parents houses & just hang out the 2 of us. Just sit in the sun & enjoy a treat together just the 2 of us was perfect.

Saturday night we went to our friends place for supper & to watch the Rider game. Supper was delicious & the game.. well, wasn't great. Close Riders, close. Thanks Cam & Nicky for having us over, it was just the Saturday night we were hoping for!

{Sunday} We were lazy heads staying in bed until we had to get up & feed our kitties/ let them outside. Neil went straight to the garage to do an oil change & some maintenance things {thankfully I have a handy husband} while I cleaned up inside. After lunch I picked up mom & we went to do some bumming around. It's been foreverrr that we've both been home on a Sunday & had time to go do some shopping. We scored a few deals at Michaels, I got a new sweater at Old Navy & a shower curtain rod at Home Outfitters, plus a few random things at Walmart. It was a successful shopping day. D had made his way to our place in the early afternoon and didn't leave until 9pm. I love that my brother & husband can hang out all day playing video games, eating wings & watching football.

 {my new peacock candle holders & tray from Michaels}

It was a good weekend! Now it needs to be Friday so we can have another good one b/c we're going to Zac Brown Band Saturday night!

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  1. Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend! Totally ready for this weekend! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at