September 2, 2013

I'm Still Here!

I haven't forgotten about this blog, I've just been enjoying a week of holidays with my husband! Now I need to remember what we all did..

{August 23rd} Was my birthday & I finished work at noon {bonus!}. That afternoon my sister in law & nephew came over for a bit to hang out/ play in the pool. Owen really enjoyed the water while his mommy was pretty funny getting in/ trying to float {you did great Chan, so proud! hehe}. That evening Neil had some surprise plans for me but wouldn't share what we were doing. He drove us to supper where my mom, dad & brother were waiting for us! Afterwards we came back to our place and my cousins Bailey, Nick, Matt & Joey dropped in for some cake, drinks & a fire. A little later in the evening our lake friends Rod, Jo, Gilbert & Murial TOTALLY surprised us & came from the lake! It was the nicest surprise!! I was so excited & happy to share my birthday with the people that matter the most to me.

{August 25th} We were up at 3am to get ready for our flight to Las Vegas! Our flight left around 6am and we arrived in Vegas around 10:30am. What a place! The heat there is very different from our Canadian prairies heat but with it being a little overcast that day we didn't mind it. We waited in a longg line up to check in, had a few issues with checking in and finally around noon we were ready to venture out & check the strip out.  People, buildings, music, more buildings, more people is what we experienced our first day. I think we walked over 20km on the first day? And I developed massive blisters on each foot {yay...}. "Welcome to Vegas!" my feet said.. We were awake for over 20 hours by the time we hit the pillow.

{August 26th - August 29th} Monday again was a day of walking & just checking things out. There was so much to look at! We went into every hotel to check out their casinos, what kind of stores they had, what types of decor each hotel was designed with. We also checked out an outlet mall & it was kind of disappointing. Neil walked away with a new pair of shoes & I bought a workout top for mom. I expected it to be a little better but we also didn't go for shopping so it wasn't a big deal. On Tuesday & Wednesday we spent the majority of our day in the pool. It was straight heat & sun so water was needed! Tuesday night we got to go see Celine Dion & she was INCREDIBLE!! That was my favourite, favourite, FAVOURTIE part of the trip! I didn't want the show to end! Even Neil was impressed with the show {there were a lot of men there}. So to sum up our trip we walked, we drank, we gambled {very little}, we shopped, saw Celine, enjoyed the hotel pool, & saw lots & lots of everything. Vegas was a success!

{August 31st} Was the day of Matt & Bailey's shagette & it turned out great! I was super nervous to be in charge of the decor but everyone {& myself} was really happy with how it looked! Bailey looked gorgeous, Matt was feeling & having a good time, tons of people showed up to celebrate them & the rain that had started in the day cleared just in time for the party. Auntie, Uncle & Nick did a wonderful job of planning & it was really a great celebration with their friends & family. The wedding is only 2 MONTHS away as of today! I can't wait!!!

We're back to work tomorrow & it is our 6 year anniversary as well! I'm sure it'll be a super busy day for both of us but we are planning on going out for supper. Can't believe it's 6 years.... time truly flies by.

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