September 13, 2013

Favourite Day of the Week

Ah Friday, my favourite day of the week. Yes they happen every week, no surprise but I still get excited every time Friday rolls around. Even the word just makes me happy. Typically it seems like the sun is out & shining, the office is pretty quiet & I get 2 days away from work once 4:30pm rolls around. Our goal this weekend is to get to Broadway to buy a cupcake from Crave & maybe just stroll the streets, enjoying the city. No complaints here!

Life has been pretty uneventful since September has showed up. Since May {and even before that if I think back far enough} we've been go, go, go so I don't mind not having to get to an appointment, not having to be somewhere, not going to the lake tonight. I've enjoyed being at home, catching up on shows, tidying up, playing with our kitties & heading out for a walk in the evenings.

Tonight, PJs and a movie sound great to me, can't wait for the work day to end!

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