September 30, 2013

Monday Morning {Weekend Re-cap}

It was a good weekend!

{Friday} We went to my parents for a sleepover. I had an appointment for command start to be installed {yay, so excited!} Saturday morning & Neil wanted to get together with my parents for drinks on Friday night so instead of us driving Friday night to their place, go home, drive back into the city Saturday morning we decided to spend the night! Friday nights in the garage are never a bust... that is until dad sneaks away shortly after 9 and goes to bed. Mom, Neil & I stayed up & goofed around for a bit but an early bedtime was fine with all of us.

{Saturday} Morning we were all up waaay too early but we had things to do. The boys went golfing & the girls went bumming around. After we dropped off the Equinox mom & I went to check out the Farmers Market. We've talked about it over & over about checking it out & never getting around to it but we finally had the right opportunity to go. What a neat place! All the vegetables look fake because they are so shiny & perfect, there were tons of baked goods sitting waiting to be bought, and a few tables of creative arts. The coolness in the air but sun shining made it so nice to wander around. Definitely will have to go back again soon {and take some photos b/c I forgot to}.

We made our way around the city doing some shopping & laughing until the Equinox was ready to pickup. It's never, ever a dull or boring time with mom... and I love it.

We also got to visit our lovely little nephew! We were able to visit for quite a while which was a super big treat! We even got to take him for a walk just Neil & I in his fancy, dancy backpack. He is just growing way too fast for our liking! It was so fun to walk with him and make him laugh or make sounds. He is such a doll.

The rest of the weekend was nice & chill. Lazied around watching the Rider game {don't want to talk about it}, catching up on shows, and the boys {Neil & my brother} played video games/ watching a movie.

I love the fall weather & being able to wear oversized sweaters, leggings + boots, and cuddling up under a blanket in the evening while the windows are open and candles are burning. Heaven!

September 25, 2013

4 Months of Married Life

I still can't believe that.

A) I can't believe I'm married 2) I can't believe I am so lucky to be married to such an amazing man and B) I can't believe how fast this year has gone, never mind the 4 months that FLEW by.

I remember starting my countdown to getting married on August 19th, 2011 {the night we got engaged}. Within a few days we had a date picked, Saturday May 25th, 2013. It was over the 400 days mark... and then May 25th, 2012 came and we were 365 days away. And then... February 14th, 2013 came and we were a 100 days away. And then, in a blink of an eye it was the week of the wedding, the day of the wedding and the days after the wedding.

I remember thinking and saying "oh my god, I wish it was sooner, I just want to be married already, how many more days?" And now {Neil} and I are saying "wow, 4 months already? do you feel married?"

And the truth is I do. Not a lot has changed relationship wise. We lived together before we got married, we shared a bank account before getting married, our daily routines are the same, or day jobs are the same. But yet I feel "different" because we are married.

I feel excitement when I get to use the term "my husband". I love that we can discuss family planning. I feel a sense of security that no matter what happens I have a partner who is going to be by my side 100% {I've always had that feeling, but you get what I mean}. I appreciate that if I'm going through something tough & need someone to vent to, my husband is there to listen. I think it's fun attending a "first" event as husband & wife. I've gotten use to having a new last name {but don't worry, there's still lotssss of my maiden name in me}. Being married has just connected us a little more than we were as boyfriend/girlfriend and fiances.

Being married was just another step in our relationship. It was something that we both wanted and knew it wouldn't change much after it happened. 4 months ago I married the love of my life and my best friend. I couldn't be happier or luckier to go through life with someone like him. Each month, for the rest of my life, I will be thankful I am married to him.

September 23, 2013

Monday Morning {Weekend Re-cap}

It looks like my favoured days for blogging are on Mondays and Friday. Monday are recaps and Fridays are looking forward to the weekend. Oh well, that's when I've got something to say!

{Saturday} Morning we were woken by our lovely Bella crying her bloody eyes out to go outside at 5:55am. Damn cat doesn't understand that there's a reason our door is closed & we're not awake yet... She lives to be outside that furball. She dies to be outside the moment we get home from any where's & she needs to be outside at the crack of dawn. It's exhausting & frustrating at times, but we love her. We finally "got up" around 9 & quickly got ready to head to my parents place & go for a round of golf.

At the end of the "lake golf season" we treat ourselves by going to a nicer golf course. This was our first time at Wildwood Golf Course & it was okay. Unfortunately I had a super crappy game, it was pretty windy for golf & we were stuck behind some sloooow movers which put all 4 of us in a funk. We made it fun by being goofs & laughing at each other. Never a dull moment in our family. It took us about 4 hours & I was POOPED by the end of it!

Supper was at mom & dads {beef on a bun, delish!} and we got to stop by Neils brothers place & see our sweet little nephew! He is just a doll, cutest boy in the world & he's growing so much! He's standing up on his own {for a bit}, crawling every wheres, banging & playing with toys & he's got the cutest collection of teeth! Love that little boy so much!

And we ended our Saturday night with the Zac Brown Band Concert! Oh.. my.. god, it was a freaking amazing show! ZBB is Neil's favourite band & we actually bought the tickets while we were at Lake Louise on our honeymoon. It was important that we got the best seats possible & didn't miss out on it! We were on the floor (row 20, behind the mosh pit area}. It was such a intense show! They sounded great, they are so into the instruments they play, high-high energy from the band & even with the concert attenders. Can't say enough great things about them! Neil had a few drinks {which he never does at a concert}, left without a voice & a huge smile on his face. So much fun!

{Sunday} Was a nice lazy day. The overcast sky & coolness just made it a cozy day. Went into the city to grab a few things {desperately needed to buy some shampoo/conditioner} & came back home to watch the Rider game. Yet again, it was a close one but we just couldn't finish it. We still have faith in you Riders! A turnaround would be great anytime now boys! And of course, I had to tune into the Emmy's. I had a few laughs at certain parts, but otherwise I just like to watch for the dresses.

Nothing really exciting going on this week. Grocery shopping, Equinox appointment, basketball practice. I guess there's one exciting thing to look forward to, command start is getting put in on Saturday! Ahh that'll be nice come winter time.

September 16, 2013

Monday Morning {Weekend Re-cap}

What a great September weekend we had!

{Friday} After I got home from work, I seriously felt like I had been hit by a truck. I was so tired from the week & was so excited to be at home and do nothing. I spent the evening catching up on a few shows & then heading to bed verrry early.

{Saturday} Neil & I made plans to have a day date & enjoy going downtown. He was called into work for about 45mins but once he made it home, we made our way to the city. First stop was my brothers work for a Customer Appreciation BBQ. It was nice to sit outside & have lunch with D {for free}. Afterwards we made our way to Broadway to check out a few shops & grab Crave cupcakes. It was such a gorgeous Saturday that we decided to make our way down to the river, find a spot on the grass & eat our delicious cupcakes. The river was our go to place when we first started dating. Walks in the evening or on the weekends, whenever we wanted to get out of our parents houses & just hang out the 2 of us. Just sit in the sun & enjoy a treat together just the 2 of us was perfect.

Saturday night we went to our friends place for supper & to watch the Rider game. Supper was delicious & the game.. well, wasn't great. Close Riders, close. Thanks Cam & Nicky for having us over, it was just the Saturday night we were hoping for!

{Sunday} We were lazy heads staying in bed until we had to get up & feed our kitties/ let them outside. Neil went straight to the garage to do an oil change & some maintenance things {thankfully I have a handy husband} while I cleaned up inside. After lunch I picked up mom & we went to do some bumming around. It's been foreverrr that we've both been home on a Sunday & had time to go do some shopping. We scored a few deals at Michaels, I got a new sweater at Old Navy & a shower curtain rod at Home Outfitters, plus a few random things at Walmart. It was a successful shopping day. D had made his way to our place in the early afternoon and didn't leave until 9pm. I love that my brother & husband can hang out all day playing video games, eating wings & watching football.

 {my new peacock candle holders & tray from Michaels}

It was a good weekend! Now it needs to be Friday so we can have another good one b/c we're going to Zac Brown Band Saturday night!

September 13, 2013

Favourite Day of the Week

Ah Friday, my favourite day of the week. Yes they happen every week, no surprise but I still get excited every time Friday rolls around. Even the word just makes me happy. Typically it seems like the sun is out & shining, the office is pretty quiet & I get 2 days away from work once 4:30pm rolls around. Our goal this weekend is to get to Broadway to buy a cupcake from Crave & maybe just stroll the streets, enjoying the city. No complaints here!

Life has been pretty uneventful since September has showed up. Since May {and even before that if I think back far enough} we've been go, go, go so I don't mind not having to get to an appointment, not having to be somewhere, not going to the lake tonight. I've enjoyed being at home, catching up on shows, tidying up, playing with our kitties & heading out for a walk in the evenings.

Tonight, PJs and a movie sound great to me, can't wait for the work day to end!

September 9, 2013

Lake Season is Done

This weekend was our last weekend spent at the lake. Over the past 3 months {15 weekends} we were probably at the lake 12-13 times out of the 15 weekends. That's a long time of working all week, rushing home on Friday after work to get things packed and together, spending the weekend at the lake, coming home Sunday & doing the same thing all over again each week.

The lake is our place to be during the summer. We rarely see friends or other family members because we are gone Friday night until Sunday afternoon. Both of our immediate families go to the same lake & my side has a few extra family members out there so that's where we visit with everyone. The lake is such a special place for both Neil & I. We've both have been going since we were kids, we both hold special & fun memories with different people. The lake is where Neil & I make memories together. Its the place where we first started to "hang out" together. Where I knee boarded for the first time with him. Where Neil fell in love with the game of golf. Where we place lasso golf with Gilbert. Where we've held numerous family parties & get togethers.

This summer was one of those for the books {again}. We enjoyed NUMEROUS rounds of golf, fires, suppers, drinks & laughs with everyone. It's sad that it's over, but I sure am ready for fall & to spend some time at and around home. Our poor kitties have missed having us around for more than a few hours each night.

Thanks Martins for another great summer! We will see you again for a hot dog roast in the winter & then back in Spring!

September 6, 2013

Fridays Make Me Happy

Even though it was a "short" work week, Friday took some time getting here. Getting back into the groove of things to do around home, catching up on laundry & cleaning, waking up early after sleeping in for a week... it's tough!

Tuesday night Neil & I celebrated our 6 year anniversary by going to Earls for supper. Their fettuccine alfredo dish is my absolute FAVE! No place can compare to it so I was pretty excited to have that for supper. My thoughtful husband also sent a dozen roses to me at work, such a romantic man thanks love xo.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful! Tonight we are heading to the lake which will probably be our last time for the year. Dad is bringing the golf carts home & shutting down the campsite next weekend. This summer has been great spending our weekends at the lake with family, going golfing, laughs around fires but I am pretty excited to spend weekends at home for the fall. And I'm sure once the snow starts to show up, I'll be wishing it was still lake season & we weren't stuck at home. Funny how that works out.

3.25 hours left to go. Lucky office guys are at a golf tournament this afternoon while 3 of us are stuck here at the quiet office. Oh well, it's Friday!

September 2, 2013

I'm Still Here!

I haven't forgotten about this blog, I've just been enjoying a week of holidays with my husband! Now I need to remember what we all did..

{August 23rd} Was my birthday & I finished work at noon {bonus!}. That afternoon my sister in law & nephew came over for a bit to hang out/ play in the pool. Owen really enjoyed the water while his mommy was pretty funny getting in/ trying to float {you did great Chan, so proud! hehe}. That evening Neil had some surprise plans for me but wouldn't share what we were doing. He drove us to supper where my mom, dad & brother were waiting for us! Afterwards we came back to our place and my cousins Bailey, Nick, Matt & Joey dropped in for some cake, drinks & a fire. A little later in the evening our lake friends Rod, Jo, Gilbert & Murial TOTALLY surprised us & came from the lake! It was the nicest surprise!! I was so excited & happy to share my birthday with the people that matter the most to me.

{August 25th} We were up at 3am to get ready for our flight to Las Vegas! Our flight left around 6am and we arrived in Vegas around 10:30am. What a place! The heat there is very different from our Canadian prairies heat but with it being a little overcast that day we didn't mind it. We waited in a longg line up to check in, had a few issues with checking in and finally around noon we were ready to venture out & check the strip out.  People, buildings, music, more buildings, more people is what we experienced our first day. I think we walked over 20km on the first day? And I developed massive blisters on each foot {yay...}. "Welcome to Vegas!" my feet said.. We were awake for over 20 hours by the time we hit the pillow.

{August 26th - August 29th} Monday again was a day of walking & just checking things out. There was so much to look at! We went into every hotel to check out their casinos, what kind of stores they had, what types of decor each hotel was designed with. We also checked out an outlet mall & it was kind of disappointing. Neil walked away with a new pair of shoes & I bought a workout top for mom. I expected it to be a little better but we also didn't go for shopping so it wasn't a big deal. On Tuesday & Wednesday we spent the majority of our day in the pool. It was straight heat & sun so water was needed! Tuesday night we got to go see Celine Dion & she was INCREDIBLE!! That was my favourite, favourite, FAVOURTIE part of the trip! I didn't want the show to end! Even Neil was impressed with the show {there were a lot of men there}. So to sum up our trip we walked, we drank, we gambled {very little}, we shopped, saw Celine, enjoyed the hotel pool, & saw lots & lots of everything. Vegas was a success!

{August 31st} Was the day of Matt & Bailey's shagette & it turned out great! I was super nervous to be in charge of the decor but everyone {& myself} was really happy with how it looked! Bailey looked gorgeous, Matt was feeling & having a good time, tons of people showed up to celebrate them & the rain that had started in the day cleared just in time for the party. Auntie, Uncle & Nick did a wonderful job of planning & it was really a great celebration with their friends & family. The wedding is only 2 MONTHS away as of today! I can't wait!!!

We're back to work tomorrow & it is our 6 year anniversary as well! I'm sure it'll be a super busy day for both of us but we are planning on going out for supper. Can't believe it's 6 years.... time truly flies by.