August 13, 2013

Tuesday Morning {Weekend Re-cap}

Another weekend gone. Where did summer go? Where did 2013 go?! It's seriously crazy that it's already August 13th.

{Friday} Dad picked up Neil & I after work & we were on the road to the lake. Mom was on holidays & had headed out earlier in the day so dad decided instead of all of us chasing vehicles, he would grab us & we'd take home one of their vehicles on Sunday. It was kind of nice to gas up our Equinox on Friday & have it sit in the garage all weekend {yay for a full tank this week!}. When we got to the lake, the Ryzaks were already over, mom & Jo were pre-celebrating Gilberts birthday. Gilberts party was underway shortly after we got there. It was a great evening celebrating such a special person with lake friends.

{Saturday} Was mom & dads 28th wedding anniversary!! {love you both xo} Mom is always up early at the lake, Neil was gone golfing with Rod by 8, Dad & I decided we didn't want to get up & stayed in bed until 9:30? It was one of those mornings where the bed was comfy & you just don't want to move. Once we finally got up & ready for the day, a round of golf was on for the group. We finished around lunchtime & that's when Baba & Papa arrived. I gave mom & Baba pedicures while the boys went golfing {Neil put in 36 holes of golf this weekend, the man is crazy!} We strolled to the beach, stood in the water for awhile & headed back to the trailer so the {older} ladies could have a nap. We had a big, delicious anniversary supper together, visited with more people & ended the night with a quick wakebike session with Nick & Dallas and then a fire just Neil & I.

{Sunday} It was a beautiful morning & of course we needed to get a round of golf in before we left for the weekend. I was Neil's caddy while everyone else played. Personally, 1 round of golf per weekend works for me vs. 5 like Neil. We spend the afternoon with mom & dad at our house & I made a yummy soft tacos for supper. Working all week & weekends at the lake poop us out! Sunday nights are mellow downtime.

This weekend I'm staying home! I'm so excited to sleep in our bed on a weekend, wear my pajamas around the house until whatever time, maybe do some shopping, probably give the house a good clean. I lovee summer weekends at the lake, but it's time to be at home & not on the go. This week is somewhat busy. Appointment tomorrow, need to buy a few more things for Bailey's shower {& work on my DIY project}, Wednesday is ball & Thursday we're going to check out a new pair of glasses for me! It's also supposed to be pretty warm this week so hopefully we'll get some pool time in as well.

And on a sad side note, the Riders lost on Friday {42-27, boo...} There's a game this Saturday afternoon & I have a good feeling about it! Turn it around Riders & make a comeback!

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