August 9, 2013

"Green is the Colour..."

"Football is the game!" Gotta love that theme song. Today is Wear Your Pride at work in honour of the Saskatchewan Roughriders game tonight! As every person in Saskatchewan knows there's one thing that you have in common with a stranger {98% of the time} is your commitment & love for the Saskatchewan Roughriders! I came up with the idea to have Wear Your Pride & pretty much everyone in the office is wearing a green jersey! Makes it fun for a Friday. We all hope they win tonight which would put them at 6-0, GO RIDERS!

{thank you neil for letting me borrow your jersey... that I bought :)}

Tonight we are off to the lake to celebrate a very special persons birthday. Gilbert, our dear, funny, loving lake friend is 85 today & his wife is putting on a party for him. I've been going to the lake since I was in diapers. My dad grew up in the near by town and 12-13 years ago we got a seasonal site on Poplar Ridge Lane. When we first moved into the spot, Gilbert & Muriel were on one side of us, Harvey & Liz were on the other. They both are older couples but we instantly connected with them & they are our lake family. Gilbert is the gem of the lake. Everyone knows him even though he may not know you, he's a killer player at lasso golf, he tells the dirtiest of dirtiest jokes & always shouts "hey my girl!" when he sees us pull into the site. Neil & I and my family both love Gilbert deeply & we are very excited to be able to share such a great milestone with him.

The rest of the weekend will include a few rounds of golf, a couple of fires, some bushpies & candy crush. Doesn't look like it's going to be scorching hot, but it'll still be a good time at the lake.

Happy friday, GO RIDERS!

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