August 23, 2013

Golden Birthday

Today is my 23rd birthday on August 23rd, my one & only Golden Birthday!

I woke up feeling the same & doing the same thing but I also woke up excited because I am done work at 12:30pm and starting holidays!! {Also, my sister in law sent a picture of our nephew holding a "happy birthday auntie" sign, BEST way to start my day, thanks Chan & O!}. I'm so excited to step away from work for a week & enjoy some time with my hubby & also celebrate my cousins bridal shower {on the 31st}. Neil has made some plans for tonight & I have no idea what they are but I'm sure it'll be a great evening!  I was trying to find a way to say what has been significant in my 22nd year & the biggest most important thing that happened at 22 is I got to marry my best friend. 22 sounds really young to be married, but I feel like I have an old soul. An old soul who wanted to be married at 22, goes to bed at 10pm during the week, would rather go to the lake to hang out with family + their friends than go to the bar & who gets excited about paint & house decor then clothes shopping. Now that I read that I may sound a little lame or a little old, but it works for me. Plus Neil & I have been together for 6 years on September 3rd so technically it was about time to get married at 22.

22 has been good to me, very good to me & I hope that 23 brings on much more new & exciting things. Can't wait to see whats in store for this next year in my life.

We're packing our bags tomorrow & going to bed early to be ready for our 6am flight to Las Vegas Sunday morning! It still doesn't feel real that we're going but yet we're so excited! The weather will be hot, hot hot & I'm positive that Celine Dion will be amazing on Tuesday night. Can't wait to see & experience Las Vegas!!

Cheers xo

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