August 7, 2013


Things I'm looking forward/ counting down to:

 {13} days until Mom gets an iPhone. FINALLY. It'll make communicating, sharing & everything in between a lot easier!

 {15} days until my 23rd birthday, woot woot!

{17} days until we leave for Vegas!!

{26} days until our 6 YEAR anniversary! 6 years together?! wow

{2} months & 26 days until my cousin Bailey marries Matt!

{3} months & 23 days until little Owen turns one! I still can't believe his first birthday is so, so close

 {4} months & 27 days until we go to Mexico! Mom, dad, Neil & I are going for moms **th birthday! We haven't officially booked anything yet but we know the date we want to leave.

{9} months & 17 days until our 1 year wedding anniversary. We've already been married for 74 days. I can't believe how long it took for the wedding to come & how fast its been since! Best 74 days by far {love you hun}!

Lot's of good & exciting things!

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