August 1, 2013

Almost the Long Weekend!

It's Thursday! Which means tomorrows Friday which means it's a long weekend! Can't wait to get out to the lake & enjoy the weekend. Hoping the weather is nice, but regardless we'll be at the lake so weather doesn't matter.

On Tuesday night I took the hair plunge, I chopped off the long ends I had. I was craving life for my hair, it got to the point of being flat & blah so it was time for a change. My hairdresser Lindsay did a great job but I'm not going to lie I'm still trying to get used to it. It has been years and years since I've had "short hair"! Wonder how fast it'll take to grow now :)

Neil receieved a hammock as his best man gift from Craig. Of course he couldn't wait to put it up so Tuesday night he finally got a pole in the ground & made it work. Bella was very excited to have him outside AND be able to cuddle, that is heaven to her! She stayed close to him while Neil read a book. Love those two.

On Tuesday night I was given the job of handling decor for my cousins bridal shower at the end of August. So excited! I'm not very artsy or can come up with decor ideas on my own so thankfully Pinterest has the secret boards option & lots of ideas! I already placed 3 orders yesterday for supplies. Now in case Bailey reads my blog, that's all I can say for now. I hope my vision & DIY projects come to life in the way I'm envisioning them. I'll have to post pictures after the shower {August 31st}. Hope she loves it!

And lastly today marks the first day of my favourite month of the year, August. August is my birthday month {I turn 23 on the 23rd}, the month we got engaged {19th} AND we fly out to Vegas Sunday August 25th, can't wait!! It's pretty much the best time of the year {besides Christmas}.

{the night we got engaged}

Countdowns are on, yay for August!

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