August 23, 2013

Golden Birthday

Today is my 23rd birthday on August 23rd, my one & only Golden Birthday!

I woke up feeling the same & doing the same thing but I also woke up excited because I am done work at 12:30pm and starting holidays!! {Also, my sister in law sent a picture of our nephew holding a "happy birthday auntie" sign, BEST way to start my day, thanks Chan & O!}. I'm so excited to step away from work for a week & enjoy some time with my hubby & also celebrate my cousins bridal shower {on the 31st}. Neil has made some plans for tonight & I have no idea what they are but I'm sure it'll be a great evening!  I was trying to find a way to say what has been significant in my 22nd year & the biggest most important thing that happened at 22 is I got to marry my best friend. 22 sounds really young to be married, but I feel like I have an old soul. An old soul who wanted to be married at 22, goes to bed at 10pm during the week, would rather go to the lake to hang out with family + their friends than go to the bar & who gets excited about paint & house decor then clothes shopping. Now that I read that I may sound a little lame or a little old, but it works for me. Plus Neil & I have been together for 6 years on September 3rd so technically it was about time to get married at 22.

22 has been good to me, very good to me & I hope that 23 brings on much more new & exciting things. Can't wait to see whats in store for this next year in my life.

We're packing our bags tomorrow & going to bed early to be ready for our 6am flight to Las Vegas Sunday morning! It still doesn't feel real that we're going but yet we're so excited! The weather will be hot, hot hot & I'm positive that Celine Dion will be amazing on Tuesday night. Can't wait to see & experience Las Vegas!!

Cheers xo

August 19, 2013

Going to be a Good Week

I'm usually not excited for Monday mornings but I can't help but be a little happy this morning. A lot of good stuff to look forward to this week! First off I had a great weekend! It's seriously been so long since we had a weekend at home so I got to sleep in, clean the house, hang in the pool, go to Folkfest with friends. It was soo nice.

 {while Neil was @ the lake golfing, I got to do this}

 {+28, a Bacardi Breezer + the pool, it was heaven}

 {Sunday night: blanket, cool house & the movie UP}

Today marks 2 years since we got engaged. It's nothing to actually celebrate but it's an important date to me. It was one of the best moments of my life & will always be a special memory for us.

Wednesday night we are going for supper to my parents followed by Neils slo pitch game {also get to go get mom an iPhone, woo!}.

Friday is my birthday {woot woot! Neil bought me new glasses that I realllly wanted as an early birthday gift, thanks love xo} and this week is our last week of work before holidays!! We leave for Vegas Sunday at 6am! I can't wait to go! It's our first official vacation together! We are soo looking forward to it. The next week or 2 are actually going to be very busy. I'll have to give a full update once things are back to normal!

August 16, 2013

Friday & A No Lake Weekend

Typically, every Friday after work I rush home to find our weekend stuff on the driveway ready to be packed into the Equinox & we head to the lake. Tonight... we are staying HOME! I am soo excited to sleep in our bed on a weekend & stay in my pajamas until whatever time tomorrow & Sunday morning! The lake is great but being home this weekend is what we need. The weekend plans are: go with the flo. Plus it's supposed to be pretty hot out so I may have to spend some quality time in the pool.

Happy Friday!

August 14, 2013

Wedding Re-Cap Wednesday

This is the last of re-cap photos from our wedding in May. We had our reception at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel & honestly, it was the best decision we made in regards to the wedding. The hotel was so helpful with everything. Planning, setting up, take down, any question we had, anything we needed they were there to help us no problem. I can't praise them enough & will recommend them anytime someone is thinking about hosting an even there! We had a lot of fun at the reception. My brother in law was our MC, we had a "putt to kiss" for guests, there was a kids table with colouring pages, masks & funny glasses, dinner, drinks & dancing. We didn't want our reception to be based on what kind of stuff we brought in to make it fun. We wanted our guests to have a great meal, great drinks & to be on the dance floor & that's exactly what happened. During the whole wedding planning process, I didn't want to use the word "perfect". I didn't need things to be perfect, I expected them not to be perfect, I just wanted our vision & dream to come true and it did, but after everything was said & done the day, the weekend was literally perfect. We wouldn't change a thing & enjoyed every single moment of it!

{photography by Little Black Dress Photography}

August 13, 2013

Tuesday Morning {Weekend Re-cap}

Another weekend gone. Where did summer go? Where did 2013 go?! It's seriously crazy that it's already August 13th.

{Friday} Dad picked up Neil & I after work & we were on the road to the lake. Mom was on holidays & had headed out earlier in the day so dad decided instead of all of us chasing vehicles, he would grab us & we'd take home one of their vehicles on Sunday. It was kind of nice to gas up our Equinox on Friday & have it sit in the garage all weekend {yay for a full tank this week!}. When we got to the lake, the Ryzaks were already over, mom & Jo were pre-celebrating Gilberts birthday. Gilberts party was underway shortly after we got there. It was a great evening celebrating such a special person with lake friends.

{Saturday} Was mom & dads 28th wedding anniversary!! {love you both xo} Mom is always up early at the lake, Neil was gone golfing with Rod by 8, Dad & I decided we didn't want to get up & stayed in bed until 9:30? It was one of those mornings where the bed was comfy & you just don't want to move. Once we finally got up & ready for the day, a round of golf was on for the group. We finished around lunchtime & that's when Baba & Papa arrived. I gave mom & Baba pedicures while the boys went golfing {Neil put in 36 holes of golf this weekend, the man is crazy!} We strolled to the beach, stood in the water for awhile & headed back to the trailer so the {older} ladies could have a nap. We had a big, delicious anniversary supper together, visited with more people & ended the night with a quick wakebike session with Nick & Dallas and then a fire just Neil & I.

{Sunday} It was a beautiful morning & of course we needed to get a round of golf in before we left for the weekend. I was Neil's caddy while everyone else played. Personally, 1 round of golf per weekend works for me vs. 5 like Neil. We spend the afternoon with mom & dad at our house & I made a yummy soft tacos for supper. Working all week & weekends at the lake poop us out! Sunday nights are mellow downtime.

This weekend I'm staying home! I'm so excited to sleep in our bed on a weekend, wear my pajamas around the house until whatever time, maybe do some shopping, probably give the house a good clean. I lovee summer weekends at the lake, but it's time to be at home & not on the go. This week is somewhat busy. Appointment tomorrow, need to buy a few more things for Bailey's shower {& work on my DIY project}, Wednesday is ball & Thursday we're going to check out a new pair of glasses for me! It's also supposed to be pretty warm this week so hopefully we'll get some pool time in as well.

And on a sad side note, the Riders lost on Friday {42-27, boo...} There's a game this Saturday afternoon & I have a good feeling about it! Turn it around Riders & make a comeback!

August 9, 2013

"Green is the Colour..."

"Football is the game!" Gotta love that theme song. Today is Wear Your Pride at work in honour of the Saskatchewan Roughriders game tonight! As every person in Saskatchewan knows there's one thing that you have in common with a stranger {98% of the time} is your commitment & love for the Saskatchewan Roughriders! I came up with the idea to have Wear Your Pride & pretty much everyone in the office is wearing a green jersey! Makes it fun for a Friday. We all hope they win tonight which would put them at 6-0, GO RIDERS!

{thank you neil for letting me borrow your jersey... that I bought :)}

Tonight we are off to the lake to celebrate a very special persons birthday. Gilbert, our dear, funny, loving lake friend is 85 today & his wife is putting on a party for him. I've been going to the lake since I was in diapers. My dad grew up in the near by town and 12-13 years ago we got a seasonal site on Poplar Ridge Lane. When we first moved into the spot, Gilbert & Muriel were on one side of us, Harvey & Liz were on the other. They both are older couples but we instantly connected with them & they are our lake family. Gilbert is the gem of the lake. Everyone knows him even though he may not know you, he's a killer player at lasso golf, he tells the dirtiest of dirtiest jokes & always shouts "hey my girl!" when he sees us pull into the site. Neil & I and my family both love Gilbert deeply & we are very excited to be able to share such a great milestone with him.

The rest of the weekend will include a few rounds of golf, a couple of fires, some bushpies & candy crush. Doesn't look like it's going to be scorching hot, but it'll still be a good time at the lake.

Happy friday, GO RIDERS!

August 8, 2013

Internation Cat Day

Today, is a very special day in the world of animals.

It is International Cat Day or World Cat Day. Launched in 2002, World Cat Day brings awareness and information about how cats give both love and companionship to their owners.

As I've stated in a recent post, everyone knows I'm the crazy cat lady. I can't help it. I have a love for animals & especially our 2 kitties Bella & Izzie. Bella & Izzie honestly show that they love & need us everyday &  it's our job to do the same for them. Each morning Bella loves to cuddle Neil in bed, Izzie squeaks & gets excited when Neil heads downstairs to get ready for the day, Bella always has to lay on top of me to cuddle before we go to bed. It may sound crazy or weird but these things mean a lot to Neil & I. Anyone with any kind of pet needs to remember this daily & not neglect their pets. So in honour of World Cat Day, I leave the rest of this post with photos of our 2 fur babies.