July 3, 2013

What Day Is It?

It's Wednesday morning after the July long weekend and I'm trying to think of what all went on last week! Wednesday June 26th I attended a photography class after work in the city hosted by a local talented photographer, Lauren Winter and her husband Jerrod. It was a really educational class but unfortunately my camera isn't an SLR so I wasn't able to quite get as much of out of the class as I had hoped. I need to practice with what I've got OR upgrade! It really is a good excuse to spend some money on a fancy new camera!

Thursday June 27th we were off work for the day for my brothers grade 12 graduation. I still can't believe he's 18 AND graduated! We spent the morning trying to apply for my passport (what a gong show) and then attended the ceremony at 1:30pm. It was painfully 3 1/2 hours long but what can you do (my dad actually fell asleep during it). We ended the day with supper at the banquet, watched the grand march and headed home. The lucky guy graduated Thursday and was on a plane to Cuba Friday afternoon!

{The Graduate}

{The Fam}

{Dad & another guy sleeping, they really need to spice up grad ceremonies}

 {Our on way to supper!}

Friday I was back at work waiting for the long weekend to start. We had a staff BBQ that day which helped pass the time, but when 4:30pm came along, I booked it home to start packing and head to the lake. Neil was staying home Friday night, coming out Saturday so I went on my way! {he thankfully installed central AC JUST before a heat wave came rolling through}. We had a few drinks & munchies, quite a few rounds of golf throughout the weekend, fires, fireworks, laughs & dancing. There's never a bad weekend at the lake.

Monday July 1st was Canada Day and we got to spend it with good friends in our backyard pool. The sun was beaming & HOT! Definitely helped started the summer tan.

{Our backyard oasis, heaven!}

We've been so busy since the wedding that we agreed to not make any plans this week & enjoy being at home once the workday is done. Tonight my parents are coming over for a BBQ supper & hopefully it's still hot out to use the pool for a bit! On weeks like this with the sun out, it's nice & hot, I really wish I could still make money but not be working!

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