July 22, 2013

Monday Morning {Weekend Re-cap}

It was yet another busy but good weekend.

Friday night we ended up at mom & dads and ordered delicious Blue Diamond ribs for supper. We hung around their for awhile but because Neil & I were both so tired, we went home pretty early to veg out before going to bed.

{Saturday morning} My cousin Cole came by the house to pay us a visit. Lucky guy just bought a brand new 2013 Ford truck. While still in my jammies, he took us for a ride around town {sweet truck bud}. Meanwhile at the same time, my parents were in Watrous buying their new 2013 GMC Denali. Summertime must give people cravings to buy new wheels. Both trucks are very, very nice.

{Saturday afternoon} We had a date to head to the Walker's for the day. Jay & Neil had a tee time for 12:37pm and Krystal & I were going to brave the grand opening of Bath & Body Works. We arrived at the store shortly before 2pm and the lineup was quite long but it wasn't going to turn us away. After 45mins of waiting we we're allowed to enter the store!! Cue the music *heaveeeen!* There would be people crammed in, lots of apologies for bumping into those people, wallflowers breaking & cat litter being used to soak it up, long, slow moving till lines. It was straight.up.craziness. but so, so worth it! Krys walked away with a few goodies, I walked out with 2 full bags, score.

After BBW, we headed to Target for a quick peek & grabbed a few things & back to the Walker house we went. Krystal & Jay graciously had us over for a BBQ supper {thank you both, it was delicious!}

{Saturday night} On the way home from the Walkers, Neil looked at me.. I looked at him & we decided to head to the lake for the night. Mom & dad were out after purchasing their truck, we weren't going to be there next weekend so we made the fast choice of heading out. We basically left a cloud of smoke behind us at home with how fast we packed the overnight & cooler bag. Our poor kitties were looking at us like "seriously, you're leaving again? you just came home! We got their close to 8:30pm and instantly it was a sense of relief & happiness. Had a few drinks, some munchies & sat by the fire for a bit. Perfection. Oh, and we got to use the new super air mattress, it felt SO good to not wake up sleeping on the floor!

{the late, beautiful drive out to the lake}

 {Sunday morning} There was a huge, loud thunderstorm Saturday night that kept Neil & I awake for most of the night. Thankfully no damage was done, just a good rain came out of it. Sunday was going to be a gloomy, overcast, windy kind of day but we headed out for a round of golf anyways. We all had a killer game! Its always fun either way of a good or bad game. Mom happily collect 30 some golf balls from the bush & the boys went for another 9 & had their best game yet {so they say}. We headed home around 2ish to get ready for the Rider game. Pizza, pop & everyone on a couch with a blanket downstairs is how we enjoyed it.

 {Monday morning} Today I am on Royal Baby Watch. I've got the live feed camera on the Lindo Wing in London waiting for the news of the Royal birth! Hopefully today is the day for them!

{royal baby monitor}

 Overall it was another great weekend, so much going on & so much fun. This week is crazy yet again {dentist appointment, shopping, slo-pitch, haircut, tux pickup, packing} & then we are off to Candle Lake Friday morning for Craig & Nicole's wedding! Can't wait for that!!

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