July 8, 2013

Monday Morning {Weekend Re-Cap}

I would start off with "Good Morning!" but it's Monday and I'm tired from the weekend..

We started the weekend off with going to my parents for supper & watching the Saskatchewan Roughriders game. My dad was so proud that he was able to run cable to the garage all by himself! The garage is the place to hang when we're at my parents, it's also the scene of the crime and the reason for Saturday morning headaches.

 {Ready for the game}

 {Go Riders!}

{Saturday} Neil was hosting his brothers stag so I headed to the city to meet up with mom and do some running around. It was pouring all day long so we stuck to indoor shopping. Mom scored on a bunch of deals for clothes & I found a navy lace dress to wear to the wedding in a few weeks. This style of dress is so different for me & I need to find a shoe that works with it! {The wedding is at a lake, I'm hoping to find a nude t-strap sandal}. Saturday evening the boys returned to our place to have a BBQ, play some beer bong & get crazy. I hid indoors & had a Will & Grace marathon until about 11... that's when my lovely husband & his brother started getting sick due to all the beverages they had. The rest you really don't want to hear about.

{Passenger on the rainy day}

{New lace dress, has a black ribbon belt that you can't see}

{Sunday} Neil spent the day on the couch with a sore head & stomach and I did a bunch of things around the house. The Equinox got a good clean and the exterior of the house did too, laundry done, organized the towels cupboard, got some donation items together. We ventured into the city around 2:30pm and picked up a new universal remote for the downstairs. What's cool about this is we actually control everything from our iPhones, so there really isn't a "remote"! I haven't played too much with it yet, but it'll be neat to use once I'm downstairs & I no longer need 4 remotes to turn the tv on, volume up & pick a channel! My brother came home from Cuba!! We met him at the airport & went back to mom & dads for supper. Lucky guy is nice & dark and had the time of his life! Not going to lie, I really missed him & it was weird not being able to talk to him for a week.

{the new iPhone universal remote}

So the weekend was somewhat fun (for some, thanks hunnie) but it really turned into a lack of sleep, don't want to talk to anyone kind of weekend. We will have a quiet night at home tonight, we're hoping to go to Despicable Me 2 tomorrow night, Neil has a slo-pitch game Wednesday night, Thursday we'll pack/get ready for the lake & Friday night we will head out!

Already looking forward to it.

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