July 29, 2013

Craig & Nicole's Candle Lake Wedding

Back to the grind Monday morning after a very busy but good weekend. Neil's brother Craig married his lovely wife Nicole this weekend at Candle Lake.

{Friday} Neil & I headed out before 10am to make our way to Candle. It was about a 2.5 hour drive with some annoying construction but we had fun by playing dumb music & having a dance party in the Equinox. We were the first of the Nagys to arrive so we crashed Craig & Nicole's cabin before going for a round of golf with Uncle Tim & Auntie Karen. The golf course was beautiful, we saw some cute wildlife but had a really crappy game {I played 9 holes, the other 3 went for 18}. Throughout the day family was showing up & we all had booked cabins that were in the same area, kind of like our own cabin block so that was fun to "cabin hop" to visit. Neils parents, grandma, Brent, Chantel & Owen & us stayed in one big cabin {which was very nice}. Craig & Nicole hosted a BBQ & we spent the evening laughing our pants off by playing the game.... tele something. I can't remember the title of it but it was seriously the funniest game I've ever played. We had such a fun group to play it with, it really started the weekend off right.

 {on the course}

 {a cute fawn who wasn't scared of us!}

 {groom/chef Craig, bestman Neil & father Larry}

{Saturday} We had a lot of time before the ceremony {it was at 3pm} so we had breakfast, decorated the hall, went to the beach, had a nap, Chantel, Owen & I visited her childhood cabin that her grandpa built & then we started to get ready for the wedding. The ceremony was held down by the lake and it was beautiful. Windy but gorgeous & very quick {I think it was only 10mins?} After that we took some family pictures and went back to the cabin to hang out while the bridal party went around the lake for photos. By the time we knew it, it was already 5pm and we made our way for cocktail hour. Supper was great, speeches were quick & cute & it was time to dance. Usually Neil & I are on the dancefloor quite a bit for weddings, but we had a good group of people at our table & decided to just visit & enjoy. There was 10 of us left by the end of the night & we shut the place down. It was such a nice location that Craig & Nicole chose, such a mellow day leading up to the ceremony. We all are so happy for you both & wish you nothing but the best life & marriage!

 {the boys looked so handsome}

{the bride & groom}

 {best man & maid of honour}

{my date for the day since Uncle was busy}

 {gorgeous view of the lake from the hall}

{the best part of the weekend when O fell asleep on me & stayed this way for awhile! big, big deal to auntie!!}

{finally got to snap a pic with my handsome husband}

{Sunday} We were awoken to Mr. Owen crawling on us in bed. I have to say it was the best wake up call ever! I'm not the best morning person, but having Owen there smiling & laughing first thing in the morning sure makes everything better. We packed up and left pretty early because the drive was a little long & we were anxious to get home {cabin beds not comfy, crow squawking outside your window = lack of sleep}. We made it home just before noon so we had the afternoon to do whatever we wanted {which was not much}. We were so tired from all the commotion of the weekend that we were in bed & sleeping before 9:30pm! 

I feel like I say this every Monday {and I'm pretty sure I do} but we have yet another busy week ahead of us. Grocery shopping, haircut, slo pitch, packing & heading to the lake for the long weekend is on the agenda! I seriously can't wait until September when we may finally be home on a weekend & hopefully have less going on during the week. Oh well, I guess that's what summer is for!

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