July 17, 2013

Catch Up

Oh good old Wednesday.. Monday is long gone and Friday isn't quite here yet. The weekend at the lake was another good one. Friday night the boys went golfing as soon as we settled in, mom & I stayed back & played Candy Crush {that woman is seriously addicted} & afterwards everyone {mom, dad, Neil, dallas, Matt, Rod, Joanne & myself} were over for a fire & beverages. Jo, you were pretty funny feeling so happy!

 {Candy Crush addict}

{you'd think he was the one who went to Cuba}

 {Saturday} Was pretty cool in the morning/ early afternoon. Not too often in July do we keep sweatpants & sweaters on for most of the day. The fab 6 went for a round of golf {I had a pretty good game if I may say} followed by a smokies/hot dog lunch at the Ryzaks. Later in the afternoon Neil & I ventured to the Nagy cabin to visit with his parents & their friends Frank & Brigitte. Frank & Brigitte had their new puppy Macie at the lake & poor thing was just terrified of us when we showed up. She came from an apartment living/abusive home so she takes her time when meeting strangers. By the time we left, her & I were BFFs.

{Nagys with Macie}

{Sunday} Mom, Neil & Dallas went for a round of golf before we left around noon. Once we got home our butts were glued to the couch allll day. Of course laundry was getting done but other than that we did a whole lot of nothing & it felt great.

{Monday} We FINALLY were able to take my parents out for supper to The Keg as a thank you for helping us with the wedding {wedding was May 25th & we've all been so busy!} Supper was delicious & we were really happy to treat my parents to a special meal. Afterwards the boys ventured to Golf Town & mom & I to Walmart. Now.. this past weekend at the lake was the FINAL straw with the crummy air mattress that deflates as we sleep & when we wake up in the morning,we're literally sleeping on the floor. I was so angry/ tired Sunday morning that I actually punted the mattress out the camper door. So I decided to splurge & buy some fancy, self pumping/self deflating, super thick/high up mattress. We won't be going to the lake until August 2nd but I'm reallllly hoping we sleep amazing on this thing.

{we better have a good sleep on this thing}

The rest of the week is a little hectic. Tonight Neil has a double header for slo-pitch, Thursday night is supper at the Nagys {finally get to see our sweet nephew Owen!!}, Saturday Neil is going golfing with Jay while Krystal & I dive into the craziness for the grand opening of Bath & Body works & check out the newly opened Target {SO EXCITED!!} & Sunday we're hoping to get together w/ Brent, Chantel & Owen & do something fun!

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