January 4, 2019

A New Year

I have totally dropped the ball when it came to blogging Tennsyon's monthly milestones. guess that's what happens when you have 2 kids. I hope to try to be more consistent so that I can look back on the business of what we can our lives right now

Caius is 4 years old. he's attending preschool 2x a week in the afternoons. I use my lunch break to take him and Nana brings him back to daycare. his best friend in school is Bentley and we've been lucky enough to get together with him outside of school a few times.

a few things about him:
he's 47lbs, and wearing boys XS clothing
he lost his 1st tooth in april due to an accident at a play centre
his biggest interests right now are dinosaurs and hot wheels. he is so, so smart when it comes to all of the dinosaur names. 
he has the best memory for song lyrics. it doesn't take him long at all to remember a song. and I love the names he gives songs (based on what some of the lyrics are). 
he's still sensitive but has grown tremendously with his confidence regarding relationships or activities. we just went swimming on new years day and he did SO well (with his puddle jumper on) but he was actually trying to swim. he no longer gets pushed around by other kids which now means we have to guide him in the right way with how to respond. 
he LOVES to rough house and play wild. it has caused some hiccups at daycare but if he gets the chance at home to beat up on neil or be crazy, he's in 1000%. 
he doesn't really care for crafts or learning activities but I'm trying to get him to be interested more. 
he's a great big brother.
he still loves to snack and does all day if we let him
he also still loves tv, movies & videos. 

Tennyson. oh Tennyson.. ha. the best way to describe him is he is going to be trouble with the biggest capital T. he's not bad by any means.. he's just a stinker! he started walking closer to 14 months and fully took off shortly before christmas. he doesn't fully sleep through the night yet, yet he does. he's crying on and off and sometimes he can settle himself or sometimes we need to help. 

a few things about him:
wearing size 5 diapers and can fit 6-12 month clothing all the way to 18-24 months. depends on the item
LOVES food. food is the key to his happiness
drinks bottles before going to sleep still (homo milk, not formula)
loves music. instantly starts to dance or bob in his seat once it comes on
everything mimic wise or milestone wise, goes in phases with him. he used to clap, and won't if you ask him. or if you ask "can you say... or what does a .." he never responds. he does say some things on his own terms.  "mum mum mum" when he's upset. he'll say dada and bubba. he says thank you the way it sounds but not a real word. we definitely try to get him to say more but he just looks at us like, I'm not saying that. he understands so he'll get there!
loves to copy big brother. laughing, acting silly, yelling.. you name it and he'll do it
when he gets in trouble, he likes to look down or not at you, and then kind of murmur under his breath.. basically he's subtly "telling us" what's up. lol. literally makes me laugh thinking about it
going "up" (being allowed to go upstairs) is the most exciting thing for him
he's completely opposite of Caius in regards to being cautious. there's no fear with him. he just goes for it and doesn't realize the danger that could be the end result.
he played strange for a looong time with everyone, even people he was very familiar with. he was so, so serious in the beginning but that's really changed months 12-14. 

I feel like I could write a book about each one of them. they both are quite different and keeps us smiling and laughing. I didn't feel this way when Caius was a baby but I've recently said to my husband, I feel like Tennyson's been here forever. I can't believe he's only 14 months and this past year was his first real year with us. time went by so, so quickly. I hope to be able to get on here and document more, because as the years go by, it's nice to come back here to read about it all.